I remember the call like it was yesterday, yet it was more than a year ago. One of our very own; DrBev Beverly Jackson, a remarkable woman, an accomplished psychotherapist who has spent her life assisting people to look FEAR in the eyes and defeat it – was now in a spiral mode of shock and horror with the murder of her grandson.

DrBev is a lover of life and one of the most absolutely beautiful human beings I have ever met. She has just launched her new weekend show on America Out Loud Talk Radio which will air on both Saturday and Sunday at 3pm EST. You will then find the show on our Podcast Network each Tuesday. Her enthusiasm and her message is worthy of your time and your ability to share it with your world. Thank you for listening… Malcolm Out Loud

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DrBev’s talk show Emotions R Us


My 19 year old grandson was murdered the morning of January 1, 2016 by an AK47. He died on a sidewalk, a drive-by shooting. My grandson was the captain of his high school football team. He was in college, 1st year, home for his first holiday with family, during Christmas – when his life was cut short by a madman.

You will never be who you were before the death of a beloved one or loss. Hopefully, you will adapt, change, and become a better you…. eventually!!! I am onward to becoming the best new ME possible…. and now my very personal story…. DrBev

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