Susan Casey tragically lost her brother Rocky on Feb 14, 2014. As her way of honoring her sibling she courageously interviewed 27 brave siblings who also lost siblings. In this show you will hear the encounter of her grief and journey and how the interviews she conducted brought her so much love, deep grief, appreciation of life and a deeper connection with all the siblings she interviewed. I applaud Susan and all the participants for their bravery, the courage to share their grief with the world in quest of healing more hearts, bridging the gap between grief and gratitude.

Rock On: Mining for Joy in the Deep River if Sibling Grief is the working title of her promising new book. Susan describes the birth of her book as follows: I heard, call Mini, my brother’s college friend, who had become my friend as a result of Rocky’s death. I punched her number into my phone and shared my vision for the book with her. The bubbles began to pop. She knew 7 or 8 people who had lost a sibling. “I’ll reach out to all of them and ask them if they’ll do it,” she said. I felt a shiver of excitement ripple up the fragile spine of grief. I sat with myself in the silence, waiting for answers to these questions: What if interviewing people will reawaken, reignite that tragic moment when their lives blew apart? What if I cause more harm than good?

My questions were answered forty-eight hours later when I had 17 people who not only agreed to be interviewed but were grateful to have the opportunity to talk about their siblings. Two weeks later, I had a total of 25, and emails flooded my inbox of people who knew people who had lost a sibling. I now had a wait list. The rest is history.

Susan Casey, LMSW, is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and author. When Susan’s younger brother died unexpectedly in February 2014, she experienced firsthand the saving grace of putting pen to paper. Susan chronicled her grieving process on her blog, and became a contributing writer to Open to Hope and The Grief Toolbox. She’s titled her writing journey, “Mining for Joy in the Deep River of Grief” and is currently working on the book, which sprung from the overwhelming responses she received from her personal essays about grief. The first half of the book chronicles her journey before, during, and after her brother’s death and the harrowing trip to Hong Kong, where he died while on vacation. She interviewed 27 people from around the country who lost a brother or sister. The second half of the book are vignettes about each interviewee’s story and the small and large blessings that bloomed in the space their siblings left behind.