Addiction comes in all forms. Psychology Today, defines it as a condition in which a person engages in the use of a substance or in a behavior for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences.

Greg Nance found himself is such a place for seven long years. As he explains, there were weekends where he would engage with thirty to forty drinks. He became the life of the party⏤except it was no party!

In Greg’s words he explains the start of a life-chapter that changed everything. “My grandfather Charlie Nance (Marine at Iwo Jima and an incredible man who lived with us growing up and inspired me daily) had a debilitating stroke and soon passed away. One moment he’s the rock of the family the next he’s a shell of himself then gone. At 16 I didn’t know how to process the immense pain and confusion and hurt. The only escape was alcohol and I began a 7-year struggle.”

After a series of accidents and terrible mishaps, Greg realized that at 23 he needed to do something and he needed to do it fast. The something was to quit drinking and as he tells it later in the story⏤this would become his biggest accomplishment in life.

Greg Nance transformed his life in remarkable style! He has jogged 49 countries and run some of the toughest footraces on the planet. Highlights include running the UK coast-to-coast, 124 miles thru the Malaysian highlands, and 100 miles across the Philippine jungle. In 2015 he was profiled in Adventure World Magazine for finishing the 250KM Gobi March with a sprained knee nonetheless. But his all-time favorite was running 155 miles with Dad thru Chile’s Atacama Desert, the world’s driest, and crossing the finish line together! Truly Amazing, but it doesn’t end there…

Greg has just become part of a special elite club if you will⏤think of it in these terms, more people have gone into outer-space than completed this feat:

7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents. Beginning with 26.2 miles in Antarctica, he then ran back-to-back marathons in Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Santiago, and Miami!

The story continues on the Brink of Greatness Podcast…

The Next Leap Forward

Considering Greg’s success with running and marathons⏤he still places quitting drinking as the top accomplishment in his life⏤that is a clear affirmation of not only the dangers of drinking, but what that meant to his life. This should be a wake-call for all of us.

The road to recovery is seldom straight: Relapse, or recurrence of substance use, is common—but definitely not the end of the road. For those who achieve remission of the disorder for five years, scientists report, the likelihood of relapse is no greater than that among the general population, reports Psychology Today. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about addiction, but in reality, the processes that give rise to addictive behavior resist a simplistic explanation. There is not just one cause: Although genetic or other biological factors contribute to a person’s vulnerability to the condition, many social, psychological, and environmental factors have a powerful influence on substance use.

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