Thursday, December 13, 2018


There are so many great stories that need to be highlighted, good news is all around us. People that need to be celebrated and cherished. Brink of Greatness™ was born as a platform to showcase the greatness that thrives in so many of us. Malcolm Out Loud and Kevin Williams bring stories to life every Sat & Sun 9am EST on America Out Loud Talk Radio, and on-demand every Monday on the America Out Loud Podcast Network.


As Editor-in-Chief of America Out Loud, Malcolm takes the responsibility of delivering the ‘out loud truth’ most seriously. A dynamic radio personality himself, a champion of those unheard and overlooked in our society; he is distinctive, introspective and magnanimous. He redefines what it means to be ‘out loud’ by offering an objective, authentic, yet heartfelt message. The Brink of Greatness was born to showcase the greatness that thrives in so many of us; to put a spotlight on the good in humanity.

For over two decades, Malcolm Out Loud has worked in America’s corporate boardrooms. He was known as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in the advertising and marketing world, prior to making the leap to the mic in June 2010. He is an Inspirational Speaker with a desire to lift people up through his two keynote messages: BRINKSTORMING™: Your Next Great Idea and UNLOCK YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL: Cure The 5 Human Ailments™.

“What is relevant is the impact! There is no greater reward in this lifetime than to impact a life,” Malcolm Out Loud.


🎧 Jacque Hawk is Taking on the System to Combat Homelessness

There are far too many cities and towns struggling with homelessness, with no easy answers on how to fix the problem. It is a growing crisis largely being ignored by local municipalities and government as a whole. As an example, in the state of Georgia, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that well over […]

🎧 Domestic Violence Turned Her Life Purpose into Wings of Courage, Meet Shayna Qualls

“What if this woman who was beaten by her boyfriend and put in ICU for 3 days was your mother? Well guess what? She is my mother, her name is Cathy. I watched my mother get beat on and belittled my whole childhood. Every man I saw her with after she and my father divorced […]

🎧 Two Paths of Life and Death, Leslee Schneider & Brittany Griffith Form Life Mission

The birth of a child is one of life’s greatest experiences; the emotional and lasting impact has consequences that will last a lifetime and beyond. When that birth becomes compromised with a life-threatening birth defect, your world is immediately forced into a tailspin of unimaginable emotions. This is a story of two lives on two […]

🎧 Human Trafficking Almost Killed Her, Norma Bastidas Fights Back

“I cannot be called brave and courageous until I do the hardest thing, which is to acknowledge publicly that I am a survivor of sexual human trafficking.” And with that, Norma Bastidas changed everything. Growing up in the community of Sinaloa, Mexico; violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking are a way of life, as the cartels run […]

🎧 Death, Isolation, Despair… Lisa Williams Discovers A Reason To Live

When things go bad, it is often difficult to know you’ve reached the lowest point of the plummet. Sometimes you have to brace yourself for what comes next… Lisa Williams was at the lowest point of her life – so she thought. She was in the hospital surrounded by family as they disconnected the defibrillator from her […]

🎧 A Life Changing Accident Changes Everything; Jim McCay & The Power of Positive Thinking

“We’ve been fighting this battle to get ahead of this infection to stop the spread, we hate to tell you, the outcome is not good,” explained the doctors. The news was anything but good. This was not the December holiday surprise Jim McCay was expecting. How could a small misstep one evening, at the end […]

🎧 An Abusive Childhood Turned Victim Advocate, Meet Greg Williams, PhD

A life of trauma and tragedy transformed into a warrior against sexual abuse and violence; a beacon for truth, hope and knowledge. Dr. Gregory Williams is a most unusual man. Most anyone would run and hide from the sheer embarrassment of a tortured childhood – from the hands of a father completely out-of-control. He remembers […]

🎧 Operation Coming Home. The Mission Never Ends with Andy Ladner

Andy had just finished volunteering with a group of guys to build a home for the show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. He had been working with groups like Habitat for Humanity and Extreme Makeover when he asked himself the question: “Why aren’t we doing this for our own military families?” He and his buddies decided […]


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Co-Host of America Out Loud, “The Brink of Greatness” and contributor to “Viewpoint This Sunday”. A social media influencer, constitutional conservative; Kevin enjoys politics and believes anyone can make a difference.

Husband, Father and Grandfather. Married to an amazing spouse, a pancreatic cancer warrior, who makes life worth living. With four children and seven grandchildren. At 19, he served a church mission in Argentina. Self-Motivated, organized and a determined Financial Professional with 25+ Years of Corporate Finance Experience with IBM and Toshiba. A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Graduate of Brigham Young University.