When The Grass Is Just As Green

I’ve always wondered, what would have happened if my Life took on one of the gazillion different variations that I had wished. Would the long-term outcome have made My world easier to navigate? Maybe I took the right path for Me, and the other dream sequence would have ended in another kind of dramatic journey. I might have used some different paths than others would have taken I suppose, but I’m still on My road.
More often than not, I find out that the scenarios I build, are to soothe my hurt feelings or damaged view of others. I don’t think I have ever expected my fanciful musings to actually come true. I am still waiting for that lotto win to come through, now if I’d only buy a ticket…
 I do however, believe that they serve a purpose. Some lessons have been humbling and some have been soaked in reality. Dreaming about the ‘What Ifs’ every once in a while, softens the lessons and gives hope to a different journey tomorrow for me. Appreciation for where I am now however, gives me a chance to not wish I was somewhere else.

Photo location Liscannor – Lislarkin North, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “When The Grass Is Just As Green”
As I travel through this life, I find the beauty in our world and people, fascinating. Humans have been telling their stories and giving us a window into who they are, since the first picture was formed. These photographs are frozen moments in my time that continue to resonate with me. I hope you will find an emotional spark or connection as you look through my life-lens. Always listen for the voice in the storm...