What if you everything you believed turned out to be a lie? Are you prepared to change your mind in a revelatory moment? I am. I know this message may sound a bit ancient in its presentation and ideology; however, the Scriptures are never dated. Everything God has ever said is true. It was truth eons ago and it is Truth today.

This series has taken some people back to the Bible. Not only is that a great testimony but it is exactly what Truth should do. Today’s teaching piggy backs on previous teachings about the Government of God and the Government of Man. It will once again take a closer look at scripture to elevate our thinking from normalcy to God’s mind.

There is a pattern to God’s Divine strategies, and He wanted us to be prepared as His Kingdom swallows up all other kingdoms. This is God’s creation and Satan’s plan was to mock God and through Government is how he has done so and now it is time to expose and expel all of this tricksters’ plots. It is time for every Born-Again Christian to arise and speak His Word and watch the supernatural consume the natural.

Afterall, that is the ultimate plan of God. That all things will go back to the original owner.

Listen as I further expound on The Government of God through Sonship. Listen to more teachings @bingenetworks.