Trump’s success by his individual determination to return pride and economic success to America with his non traditional bash‘em policies that “elite” politicians simply do not understand, is leading the political change in America. Some call it the Trump Train, others think it’s hogwash. If the GOP, even with its few elite rogue elements still holding office, fail to keep the House, America is in for a very rough ride indeed.  

A few Republican politicians understand that we are in a historic cycle of desperately needed political change and are working to keep Trump’s momentum going. Like him or not, Trump is making things happen for the best. Does the compassionate conservative of a bygone era, Ohio’s Governor John Kasich, really believe he can top Trump by reengaging the GOP in the coils of socialist government elitism? I seriously don’t think he can. 

If that were so, then why is the GOP still fearful of a “Blue Wave” in this coming 2018 election? Is there a “Blue Wave” coming or is all rhetorical media BS designed to frighten voters into voting Democrat? Democrats have nothing to offer that remotely even compares to Trump’s success. All they can do, and are doing, is filling the airways with peripheral nonsense. 

The non ‘Freedom Caucus’ GOP members of the House know full well the dangers of the Marxist Democrat party regaining power. They want a complete reversal of Trump’s economic success (4.1% growth) so citizens will again become dependent on government provided Socialism. They want open borders for the world’s immigrants to flood in and they want sanctuary cities for those already here illegally. If the Senate were to go along with a Democrat House, then Trump would be removed, “tout suite.” Gone would be his tax cuts, American jobs, prosperity and freedom. The reward will be an immediate reorganization of the welfare state, socialized health care and open borders and with it the promise of a Socialist utopia, a la, Venezuela. When will they ever learn?

To date, remaining members of the GOP ‘elite’ class, still cling to the vain hope that the now completely phony Mueller inquiry will find something against Trump that will ensure his removal and the survival of the corrupt deep state, and protect their role in it.

The GOP’s problem is, unlike Trump, they don’t keep their promises. They promised smaller government and grew it bigger. They promised to balance the budget yet threw it into overdrive. They promised to repeal ObamaCare and didn’t, and Trump had to do it piece-meal. They promised to fully, fund and build a wall along the southern border, stop borrowing money that runs up the national debt, and cut taxes to sustain America’s economic revival. 

It is no secret the House has been in need of new leadership. It has a GOP ‘elite’ with Paul Ryan at the helm but, as it turns out, he is part of the problem and can barely disguise his own contempt for the President. Ryan doesn’t see the future through Trumps eyes so, because of the growing in-house opposition against him, he has thrown in the towel and will retire in November. Until then, the House remains effectively, all but leaderless. 

The Freedom Caucus is gaining hegemony in the House with Rep. Jim Jordan in the main role as Speaker. The old guard still have McCarthy and the bullet ridden Scalise as popular choices but the scene has changed and their brand of leadership, designed to save the un-savable, will no longer satisfy the base. It’s time to get on the Trump Train and Make America Great Again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!