God Giving Talents & The Worst Sins

Program #6: Using our God giving talents to do good in the world. Today’s show opens where Vassula and Malcolm exchange a few words to discuss their God giving talents and the importance to recognize these talents, appreciate them, and use them to do good in the world and to honor God.

Are you using your God giving talents to prosper a more
fulfilling life?

THIS IS SATAN’S HOUR – Everyone must have noticed that the world has become more violent and more evil. Everyone must also have noticed that we have more natural disasters. We are living in a time where good is transformed into evil. We are living in times when the world has grown cold, icy cold in the love of God and where this world has climbed at the peak of it’s apostasy and Godlessness.

THE WORLD IS SELF-DESTROYING ITSELF FROM ITS ATHEISM AND ITS MATERIALISM. If the world is pursued by disasters and wars it is because of it’s apostasy, it’s rebellion against God and it’s spirit of division. So long as the Church is divided there will be no peace in the world. In this division we are drawing many natural catastrophes upon us because we have not made peace nor reconciled with God. Our generation has replaced God by a sort of self-realization system.

The world today refuses to give glory to God and instead glorifies itself, playing God. People give more importance to false religions nowadays and follow all sorts of systems like channelling, bio-energetic exercises and the power of healing from crystals, putting all of this above the power of the Holy Spirit.

TIMES OF GREAT APOSTASY – It is clear from what we hear and see around us that we are living in those dark times that were foretold, times of Great Apostasy, in times of rebellion, in times of rejection of God’s graces and wonders, even of the rejection of God. The Lord said once in a message:

”A soul cannot live without Me but takes its life from Me. Without Me your table is empty but with Me
your table is full.”

THE WORST SINS – Jesus Christ said that what offends Him most in our days is this indifference that some Christians show to Him. In other words, laxity or being tepid or complacent, are things unacceptable to God. The worst sins are against charity. Rejection of certain people we dislike, refusal to make peace, refusal to forgive, bitterness stored inside us, grudge, slander, hostility and calumny.

The One who can guide us back to God is the Holy Spirit. But to obtain the Light of the Holy Spirit it should come through our repentance. Repentance is the gate that leads souls from darkness into light. Repenting should be done in such a way that the soul must repudiate not only it’s evil acts, but even it’s malicious thoughts. It is an act of humility. The Lord says that the humbler you get to be – the easier His Holy Spirit will find it’s way in you and that if you give Him this space He will shatter all impurities and imperfection that confront Him in order to prepare you for this perfect union with Him.

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