While Americans are being misled and or deliberately misinformed by their leftist “Enemies of the People” Fake News Media; across the Atlantic and Pacific, Richter Scale Earthquakes are occurring that you should pay very close attention to so that you are more prepared to confront the onslaught and deception of Globalists and Muslims.

In the European Union Elections of 25th May 2019, to start with, the Patriots (Nationalists; Populists) scored enormous wins in France, Italy, England, Poland and Hungary over the current leftist political leaders.

The European Union is on death row and will hopefully be utterly demolished within the next five years as more and more Europeans wake up.

In India, contrary to the predictions of the leftist polls, Mr Narendra Modled Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party to a landslide re-election victory on Thursday after a bitter election campaign marked by fierce mud-slinging and a strong undercurrent of hostility towards the country’s Muslim minority. For your information and to put it in perspective, while the Hindus in Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh have been eradicated, the Muslim ‘minority’ in Hindu India is 200,000,000 strong.

In Australia, on the 19th of May, yet once more, the ruling conservative coalition won a surprise victory in the country’s general election, defying opinion polls that had tipped the center-left opposition party to oust it from power and promising an end to the revolving door of national leaders.

I hope that our readers are connecting the dots: that the Globalist Fake News Media all over the world are suffering the usual and repeating failed performance and predictions of the incredibly wrong polls that preceded the evening of Tuesday 8th of November 2016 for Donald J Trump.

Just in case many of our readers do not know, unlike the Democrats and their leftist-liberal elites in the USA, all the Patriot/ Nationalist leaders above are fully against Open Borders allowing their societies being overwhelmed, subverted and undermined by undocumented illegal aliens.

They are all against Muslim ‘immigrants’ who they know⏤based entirely upon Facts and Reality on the ground in Europe for the last 40 years – will neither Integrate nor Assimilate among none Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels as this is fully prohibited by their Sharia.

All these aspiring Nationalist leaders are of the same mind: Charity, begins at home; meaning, that their foremost responsibility is to take care of their own under privileged people before being benevolent to foreigners.

They intend to save their economy to address the failures and or needs of their own society, their infrastructure, their borders and their requirements before spreading their largess to others.

As Americans are reading this article, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, the Muslims in the Democrat House, continue their assault on Patriotic Americans – those who support President Trump – while pretending they are part and parcel of the American Dream.

Tragically, there has not yet been a single American among 338,000,000 who has the knowledge and or the backbone to challenge these Muslims in public by simply pointing out that Ilhan and Rashida swore allegiance to the American Constitution and People on Muhammad’s Quran, the very book that mandates Muslims not only to deceive none Muslims but also that it is impossible for any Muslim to ever be a loyal citizen among none Muslims as sanctified by Allah’s Sharia using Taqiyyah.

Ladies and gentlemen, as usual, I summarise Islam in one sentence and challenge any reader to prove me wrong.

It is impossible, and I repeat impossible for any Sharia compliant Muslim to be BOTH a Good Muslim and a Loyal Citizen among none Muslims/ Kuffar.

At last, there is an Awakening among “We the People” outside the USA to the existential threat posed to human civilization by Islam’s Sharia and the Muslim INVASION of none Muslim countries allowed by the most delinquent and criminally negligent Globalist leaders in Europe and in the USA especially under the Democrats and their leftist Fascist colleagues.