If you’ve ever gotten those morning newsletters in your email box from the New York Times, then you know just how revealing their talking points can be. In this one recent issue, a Times reporter attempts to explain the connection between frigid weather and global warming. The question was asked if there was any relationship between this week’s storms and climate change?

Here was their answer: There’s interesting science that suggests the effects of a warming world have something to do with these sudden bursts of Arctic cold, as well. The cold air at the top of the world, the polar vortex, is usually held in place by the circulating jet stream. The Northern Hemisphere’s warming appears to be weakening the jet stream, and when sudden blasts of heat in the stratosphere punch into the vortex, that Arctic air can spill down into the middle latitudes. They went on to use the phrase “global weirding.”

The Texas Freeze fallout is still being felt, and the blame game is on full display. “The people responsible for this must be held accountable. Greg Abbott must be held accountable for his lack of planning,” Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said. Yet on the other side of that debate is: “Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans blamed green energy for Texas’ power woes. But the state runs on fossil fuels,” explains The Texas Tribune.

As Malcolm points out, how rich? We’ve gone from global warming to climate change and now global weirding. They’ll keep making names up so long as people will buy into their money scheme!

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