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Global & Domestic Terror – In this week’s top stories – War Games, On Again, Off again as President Trump and General Mattis have a difference of opinion; miscommunication at highest levels, what’s going on? The FBI arrests five New Mexico compound suspects days after multiple charges were dropped; is this an isolated incident? Iran makes another provocative statement on the Straits of Hormuz; is this the next hot spot for the administration? An agreement to replace NAFTA with a bilateral agreement with Mexico has been reached, is Canada next? Dr James Mitchell and Hollie McKay on the big stories of the week.

John McCain and the Media – This past week John McCain, Vietnam War hero, member of the House of Representatives and member of the Senate passed away from his battle with brain cancer. Many believe the coverage has been over the top. Is the media’s sudden love for McCain just another opportunity to bash Trump? We will explore the root cause of this hatred. Also President Trump provided strong criticism of Google search, Facebook and Twitter, saying their current practices were on shaky ground. Facebook employees have formed a new group called “FB’ers for Political Diversity,” we will explore all of these stories with Dennis Santiago, Brooke Says, and Ava Armstrong.

3 Reasons Why The Reckoning Has Started – In just over 60 days the critical midterm elections will be upon us; some are calling this a date of reckoning, events that can change the direction of our country for years to come, some even say permanently, and depending which side you’re on some may consider it for good or bad. The first big issue we face as a choice between a constitutional republic or transformation to a socialist nation, what are the underlying factors behind these political movements within the parties and also in the fabric of our nation and our religious community. Big conversation with our panel, George McClellan, Ilana Freedman, and Jim McCay.


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