One of the biggest news stories that could reshape Middle East Politics and change the future trajectory of U.S. involvement in the region…. by an overwhelming majority – more than 92% of voters have opted for independence in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The Kurds are the sort of Middle East ally American politicians could only dream about. So why has the U.S. opposed this vote of independence? Why has Russia spoken out in support of an independent Kurdistan? And why are so many in the region against an independent Kurdistan?

For those who may not follow Middle East politics closely, the Kurdistan region of Iraq is sometimes referred to as ‘The New Israel’. Which may very well leave you scratching your head – until you understand that Israel is in full support of the Kurdistan independence. In fact, Israel is a significant trading partner and friend of the Kurds.

The importance of this story can not be understated in this volatile region of the world. Once you understand all the facts and nuances, you’ll come to realize that this may be the single biggest development that could change the Middle East since the Ottoman Empire. Attorney Jennifer Breedon is in Kurdistan working with the Kurds and has first hand knowledge of this historic event. Colonel Jim Waurishuk, an analyst and contributor at America Out Loud provides his strategic analysis of what happens next…

Jennifer Breedon is an attorney specializing in International Criminal Law and foreign policy specifically in the Middle East.  She is a government consultant in issues of protecting human rights and provides legal analysis for areas such as international criminal law, human rights, and religious extremism.

Jim Waurishuk is a retired USAF Colonel, serving nearly 30-years as a career senior intelligence and political-military affairs officer and special mission intelligence officer. He served as Deputy Director for Intelligence for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) during the peak years of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terrorism. He is a former White House National Security Council staffer and a former Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council, Washington, D.C.

For historical relevancy and facts, read The KURDISH Dilemma from IQ al Rassooli

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