We the People of our beloved republic have just witnessed the biggest cheating scandal in the history of humanity. The threat of a Joe Biden presidency still looms over the United States, like a menacing dark cloud of gloom and doom. The joyless democrats of death, have promised to irradicate the last vestiges of our Bill of Rights and Constitutional government restraints and replace with a form of a demonically inspired government which would eliminate our great Christian heritage, our economy, our inventiveness, as well as life, liberty and the Pursuit of happiness and or property. 

Despite all of the aforementioned leftist satanically inspired madness, there is still much to be thankful for. The good news is, we do not have to give in to their evil ways, nor compromise what we know to be good, in order to go along, just to get along. We must not forget, that no one should have authorized, nor given the leftists the authority to rule over us. But unfortunately, the leftists were permitted to take over our school systems and the church denominations. As a result, that opened the door to their present-day temporary dominance.

During this time of Thanksgiving, let us reflect upon what were the ingredients that made the United States the envy of the world in the first place. We must do that, in order to free our republic from the modern-day globalist slavery threat. 

It is now time to focus upon the antidote, which begins with a heart of Thanksgiving and the forgiveness of those who have chosen to be enemies of God, We the People and our republic as a whole. 

If we take that approach and seek Providential guidance as did the pilgrims and later, the Founding Fathers, then the wisdom and power will be given by God to overthrow the present-day leftist dark cloud of doom.  

Frederick Douglas (1817-1895), was born a slave but chose to become a successful abolitionist, publisher, businessman, and arguably the greatest orator of the nineteenth century. He was a commanding force against the inhuman practice of slavery. Thousands of individuals were brought out of their indifferent attitude toward the value of the lives of black people suffering under the democrat bootheel of slavery. Many were moved away from the opinion that it was a person’s choice, whether or not to enslave another person. As a result, multitudes began supporting the right to life for all humans, regardless of their race or circumstances. After learning the truth about God’s holy word, our Bill of Rights and Constitution along with his personal acceptance of Christ Douglas learned to love all mankind, slaveholder not excepted. Though he abhorred slavery more than ever, Douglas realized that he could be more effective against satan’s slavery, if he were fueled by God’s love, power, and wisdom. Thus, Mr. Douglas wisely thanked God, obeyed Him, then witnessed the official end to slavery and much success in his own life.  

As we contend with the democrats and their RINO partners attempting to enslave all of America today, we must first refrain from hurting ourselves through hate toward them. But rather through righteous indignation, defeat them and literally replace their evil with good.

Then we will be in a position to once again let freedom ring throughout the land and fully undertake the responsibility of rebuilding our society. By all means, we as a people must return to the United States toward the Providence of God. We must also give unbridled repentance for allowing the latter-day leftist stench that has come so close to literally bringing our great republic to a screeching halt. 

The Biblical passage 2nd Chronicles 7:14 promises, that if we seek God’s forgiveness, He will hear from heaven and heal our land. Though the legions of leftists in media, academia, and entertainment would have you believe that they have the final say, it is not so. If you love God, the United States of America and family⏤do not give in, nor give up, despite what the dragon media and Chinese concubine American politicians might say. God is in control and We the People will take back control of the USA as well.  

Do not give up, but rather give thanks unto the almighty One who shed His grace upon America. Now you can enjoy a page from The Edwards Notebook Commentary, regularly heard on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Happy Thanksgiving to one and to all.

God bless you, God bless America, and may America bless God.