Giving In For The Win

The colors this artist chose, allowed for the message to subtly influence how I interpreted the art. My initial reaction, was to see this as someone who was jaded about the idea of Love. It may still be… Just that. I can of course, support That angst through my own past barrel clown filled rodeos… 
Since my mind often returns to a topic, I started to read the artist’s words differently. This began to speak to me of someone just asking to be seen. A soft yell to be noticed, for putting themselves out there in the world and wanting to hear that they contribute something relevant.
Maybe I’m reading in too much. This mural may have just been born of a struggling artist angry with being reduced to popular trending. Did they feel forced to surrender a portion of their passion? Was there closure?
Whatever your reason, I stopped more than once. I saw your voice and I heard you.

Photo location Dublin, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Giving In For The Win”