⏯ GIFTS FROM GOD, fail forward to victory!

Here are three very unique real-life stories from three people who struggled through incredibly challenging times - and not only survived, THEY THRIVED!

We are all guaranteed a few challenges in this lifetime… how we handle those challenges, and where we find the strength – will always determine the outcome. I love stories that showcase the potential of the human spirit. I’ve often wondered how is it that some people have the ability to turn their biggest problem into their biggest victory? These three stories did exactly that. GIFTS FROM GOD will touch you and inspire you!

“Never make the blunder of trying to forecast the way God is going to answer your prayer.”
Oswald Chambers

Our Special 7 Part Series… AMERICAN VALUES AT THE CROSSROADS has featured some remarkable people and incredible stories along the way. Here are three very unique real-life stories from three people who struggled through incredibly challenging times – and not only survived, THEY THRIVED!

30 years ago Richard Kiser was involved in a hunting accident that resulted in a 2 ½ year battle with severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Panic attacks took over his life. This tragic event resulted in Richard living in an envelope of fear.

William Simmons is a Marine Aviator and has been courageously leading a distinguished group of soldiers in and out of combat for 19 years. Healthy, active, strong, William suddenly broke his back and soon after discovered he had myeloma.

Mia Revello-Graham was a stay at home mom who found herself in the depths of darkness when her social drinking took over her life and further led to the abuse of pain medication. Substance abuse left her lonely, lost, afraid and with no purpose in life.

Something can be made better of every tragedy, which often becomes the very purpose of your life. I call it FAIL FORWARD TO VICTORY! It is the very reason why God pulled you in the direction that he did.

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