What will it take for President Trump to win a second term? Right now, the 2020 presidential field is crowded with Democratic hopefuls, while potential Republican challengers sit, watch and wait. Only a couple of Republican unknowns, Governor Weld (R-MA) and Congressman Seth Moulton (R-MA) have dared venture forward. At this juncture, there are many unanswered questions.

Will the Democrats continue to beat the impeachment drum? Will voters hold Democrats accountable for not addressing important issues such as immigration, health care reform, and the economy? Is President Trump vulnerable? If so, what can he do to enhance his chances of reelection? Most importantly, what role will Catholic and evangelical voters play in the 2020 election?

Joining me today to grapple with these issues and more is Steve Gill, a conservative talk radio host and political commentator in Nashville, TN. Steve is the co-founder of several online newspapers, including the Tennessee and Ohio Star papers.

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