Why is it so easy to get disgusted with our partners the longer we’ve been together? Statistics show that married couples and people living together end up feeling more like roommates than lovers, why is that? Is it possible to get the spark back? Today’s discussion points the way to an EPIC love life!

So many divorce statistics make it seem like having a long-lasting love relationship or marriage is next to impossible. But being the science nerd that she is, Dr. Andrea has been on the lookout for the prescription for a love that lasts.

Today Dr. Andrea revisits a topic near to her heart — how to stay in love, for real!, for the long haul.

Robyn D’Angelo, Licensed Marriage Therapist + The founder of The Happy Couple Expert… Robyn is a true LoveGeek. As a licensed couples therapist in Southern California, she specialize in helping frustrated and disconnected couples learn to love and be loved, better by no longer having the same fight over + over again; feeling heard + understood in relationships, ending the vicious cycles that keep couples stuck + unhappy; and co-creating a sex life that’s full of passion. And ultimately, her clients learn how to master the messiness of couplehood and create their very own Epic relationships that lasts.

“I stand for EPIC love. The kind of love that every person dreams of – the kind where they are respected + honored, they are cherished + desired, they have adventure + they have certainty. What sets me apart from most couples therapists + experts is I am a realist. I’m married. And I suck at marriage sometimes. I also lose my shit sometimes. Being real it what sets me apart. I’m also an optimist. I believe peoples ability to step into their best self for those they love. (even if they don’t like them very much.) Oh and I’m also a braingeek – which means my clients will learn about the neuroscience of relationships, like: “Why they’re acting like a child having a  complete melt-down” when things get tough sometimes. Yeah, we talk about that stuff too.” ~ Robyn

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