Get Out of Your 'Stuck in Suck' Life

Far too many people live their day to day life stuck in a rut. I can guarantee you this – doing the same things day in and day out will most certainly deliver the same results. It always comes back to your habits. We get comfortable and THAT is the problem for too many – they get comfortable and they don’t want to reach higher or change their paradigm because it takes them out of their comfort zone. “All the magic happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone!” says John Lee Dumas.

If you’re not living a fun-filled, exciting, passionate, life – I’m talking about a ‘living my dreams kind of life’ – then do something about it friends, the show today may change YOUR life! To truly be successful you HAVE to get uncomfortable, and as a smart man once said ‘you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable’.

“Everything you want from your dream life is on the other side of fear” Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy known as Ironman Kelly Murphy is my guest today. She’s the author of “Fear Is Horseplay” and has completed two Ironman Triathlons. She is focused on helping people get out of the ‘stuck in suck’ mindset, overcome their fears, and live the life they were meant to live. Kelly is known as being fearless and yes, she gets out of her comfort zone on a regular basis. Yet she does have fears. We will ask her on the show today – what those fears are! The big question is – what must one do to get out of their ‘stuck in suck’ life?

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A very thought provoking show that will make you rethink your own life. More important, we’ll discuss how you can get what you want from life – IF you want it bad enough, that is!

“Don’t be afraid. You’ve got to step outside of your comfort zone, be willing to be vulnerable, be willing to make mistakes, be willing to risk anything,” says Ironman Kelly Murphy.