If we are in the least bit conversant with the US Constitution, we know our government was designed by the “consent of the people” with powers delegated to elected representatives, not career politicians or appointees, to represent the peoples’ interests running the government.

Every US State has its own constitution, basically reflecting the US Constitution, that codifies and protects our God-given rights and ratified by our elected representatives as the Rule of Law. We call those “elected” people who administer our laws, apart from Governors, Senators, and Representatives who make them, “Constitutional Officers” because we, the people, elected them to their positions according to the Rule of Law.

At the state level, three of the most important elected officials, apart from the Governor and Lt. Governor, are the Attorney Generals and the Secretaries of State. The third most important elected official in the lexicon of jurisprudence for the effective government is the county Sheriffs. For any of them to go rogue, perpetuate a travesty on the people who elected them, and the only true remedy for their removal is the election process. When that process is corrupted, then the Rule of Law has been abandoned, and the only remedial recourse must fall back into the hands of “The People.” I invite your attention to the Athens, Tennessee incident of the post-World War II era as an example where the rule of law was successfully restored to the people, by the people. It’s not the best remedy, but it can’t be dismissed!

Georgia is now the focus of the 2020 National Election because of two Senate seats up for grabs, both currently occupied by Republicans and challenged by odious radicals. This unfortunate happenstance occurred because the Republican vote was dissipated by challenges of other worthy conservative candidates who believed they were better capable of doing the job but couldn’t muster the votes to do it. But that’s how it should be.

One big problem is the basic ignorance of voters who put these office holders in place; most always candidates supported by the party they are a member. We trust party leaders’ recommendations in supporting their choice of officeholders for us, but even there, that process can, and often does, fail because of poorly vetted incompetent candidates or pure corruption.

In the case of Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, the 2020 election process, filled with Democrat demands for “fairness, etc.,” overwhelmed his little grey cells, and he unlawfully capitulated to their demands.

Nowhere in Georgia’s constitution is the Secretary of State or the Governor even authorized to make election changes outside of the Rule of Law, i.e., Georgia’s constitution. Either a weakness of character, corruption, or a lack of knowledge allowed this travesty to happen, and it might just have changed the world.

The legislative process’s failure, into whose hands only, such as election changes and rulemaking, is authorized, contributed to this issue that is now a National fiasco. Win or lose; we must brace ourselves for the coming onslaught of rabid marxism. We won’t like it; it’s unAmerican!

The remedy for Raffensperger’s destructive incompetence is to remove him from his position to do further damage by voter recall and hold an open election for all comers to refill that office; but, by no means can it be accepted that the Secretary of States position become an appointed one delivered to the highest bidder or political activist at the will and pleasure of the party in power. No, no, no!

To do so will irrevocably deny Americans their constitutional rights and most certainly usher in and fix a level of corruption at the State level, such as we are now experiencing at the National level.

It’s another path to election corruption! We don’t need that.

Remember, freedom is the goal. The Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: AP