Gaza Riots, Amazon Tweets – CHAOS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Mass marches are being led by Gaza’s ruling Hamas group and touted as the launch of a six-week-long protest campaign. Israel says it will expand response if Gaza clashes go on. Trump demands that the Washington Post register as a ‘lobbyist’. In a series of tweets early Saturday morning designed to needle Amazon, he says the internet commerce giant maintains an advantageous relationship with the U.S Postal Service amounting to a “scam” worth “billions of dollars.” 

The Special Holiday Broadcast today features Jim McCay and Ava Armstrong.

America the Beautiful – As we celebrate Easter and Passover this week many of our fellow Americans have forgotten much of the history of this country, the role of individual responsibility, the role of religion and of faith, the Christian and Judaic principles this nation was founded upon. The “Deep State” wishes to transform our nation into a Socialist regime run by institutional bureaucrats and elitists at the top. The framers of the Constitution warned us about the “dangers of unbridled power”, thus provided us checks and balances. Terry Beatley joins the discussion along with Jim McCay and Ava Armstrong

Trade Tariffs, China, North Korea – In the past few weeks we’ve seen Pres. Trump propose trade tariffs on steel and aluminum and the financial worlds went wild – the Wall Street financial people took the markets for a wild ride. This President is a Disruptor – he is a game changer. We will discuss the Chief Disruptor in Charge and what this means in the bigger picture. Was Kim Jong un of North Korea ordered to Beijing by Chinese President Xi and given marching orders that the Korean peninsula would be nuclear free? Will the Summit with Trump and Kim take place? 


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