What does it mean to have full expression and to live in harmony? To live in a world where men and women respect, honor and appreciate each gender’s contribution would to say the least, be a welcome change.

Are we really opposites? Are we more alike that we are different? Listen as Eli Harari ,The Thinking Coach explains it all on this edition of THE ENERGY BAR!

Eli Harari has more than 20 years of training professionals in Europe the US and Asia. He is he the current owner of The Thinking Coach where he  specializes in Strategic Thinking and Mental Toughness. His programs deliver leadership skills training on a broad spectrum. Other areas in include “Thinking Out Of the Box, ” “Combining humanity with hard core training in work shop that help people improve at the core level.” Eli organizes and promotes Think Tanks for one-on-one counseling to CEO’s. He is also an on circuit Key Note Speaker.

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