What you eat will affect your red blood cells! If your red blood cells are healthy, you are healthy! If your red blood cells have lost their ability to use water and use oxygen due to poor nutrition and toxic burden, you cannot eliminate the waste. If your red blood cells cannot use water and oxygen, you build up toxins – a recipe for disaster in this toxic world we live in. 

Join Terry as she interviews Bill Downs, President and Founder of Victory Nutrition International whose company developed Prodovite, an intracellular plant-based liquid, nutritional supplement which delivers nutrition directly into your red blood cells 100% of the time using prodosomal technology.

You’ll learn about the important role of oxygen, why red blood cells can lose their negative charge and why that’s a really bad thing! Bill explains the important role of enzymes in food digestion and why you probably do not have enough enzymes! Learn why taking anti-acids is NOT the answer to indigestion problems how this leads to putrefying proteins, fermenting carbohydrates and rancid fats which lead to disease and cascade of illnesses. Americans are starving for proper nutrition  – the building block for good health!

Bill Downs is a nutritional bio-chemist and founder and President of Victory Nutrition International company based in Pennsylvania. 

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