In a democratic republic, the federal government has no money and no inherent power of its own. The idea is We the People elect officials to Congress, who in theory work on behalf of their electors to spend only the money which is required for the benefit of all taxpayers, and which cannot be properly allocated for on a local level.

I understand the above paragraph reads like satire, but believe it or not, this is how our system was designed to operate. It was a genius concept that would change the world… Government by the people for the people.

By comparison, a king often has a treasury and first right to confiscate any money in his kingdom, until the people rebel and send him to the guillotine. Today, we see the overreach of politicians limiting the rights of Americans due to the China Virus. As more and more Americans wake up to the realization that their freedoms have been seriously restricted⏤the guillotine may not be an available option, but the ballot box will continue to serve the American people well.

Local Governance vs Federal Governance 

To elaborate further and continue the unintended satire, our government was designed to allow for maximum individual freedoms, which comes with corresponding individual responsibilities. In the beginning… large sections of our blessed nation were in fact the wild west. As the nation grew and evolved it became evident that certain needs were best met at the community level. These included the courts, police, schooling, and in larger cities, firefighting and garbage collection. Utility lines, phone lines, and other services that require an immense amount of capital investments often require government sponsorship or at least the collective investment of all taxpayers.

For this reason, the founding fathers intended for all local services to be provided on a local level. If one does not like the way the state of New York handles its governmental operations, they can move to the state of New Jersey or Florida.

To maintain proper separation between local and federal agencies, the federal government’s power and related responsibilities were strictly limited by our constitution. This brilliant document provides limited rights to the federal government. In layman’s terms, these include only rights required to protect the country and its borders, as well as to do what it takes to unify the states, and lastly to assure protection of individual civil liberties from foreign or domestic enemies with emphasis on curtailing local governance. 

The Collapse 

Two brilliant double-checks on government embedded in a capitalistic society are: 

  1. The free press is meant to benefit from telling the truth, challenging all levels of governance, and was meant to be motivated by greed. The more they give the people, the more the people subscribe. 
  2. Business in a capitalistic society are power structures, their greed is held in check by governance greed, and government greed is held in check by business interests.  

This column will not discuss why the system has collapsed except to note, that the mess in our country today is primarily caused by:

  1. The collapse of the free press – in this writer’s opinion is mostly due to a coordinated attack by leftist interests that have infiltrated our colleges. 
  2. The growth of service-related industry where a few companies acquire a vast amount of power. Without competition, they become easy prey for power addicted government officials who collude to both obtain more power. 
  3. We the People have voluntarily over time given up freedom for perceived security. 

The founders understood that government is inherently evil and power-hungry. The money they receive comes from taxpayers and as such does not cost those who spend the money out of pocket, but it does buy government officials’ power. The setup is well known to all of us from watching the godfather series and other mob movies. It’s basically the same scheme as a well-run mob. At best, the founders viewed government as a necessary evil.

From this mindset was born our constitution.