The West sees beautiful, white, Russian, literally Belarussian (Belarus means White Russia in the Russian language) women facing ominously black-clad members of the state security organs in Minsk and we all know where our sympathies lie. But should they lie there?

Perhaps. Yet if we are truly interested in the well-being of Belarussians, it would be foolish to tear them away from their brothers in Russia and deliver them into the hands of the West. You see, my friends, the West, its high moral horse notwithstanding, is in no way morally or ethically superior. 

If you don’t believe me, think back to what happened in the early 1990’s war between the Christian Serbia and the Muslim Bosnia-Herzegovina. The West, led by the United States, unlawfully intervened in that war on the side of the Muslims, going as far as bombing the Serbian capital Belgrade. And did America do this because Serbs were committing war crimes against their Muslim neighbors? Not in the least. America did it because Russia, reeling from its recent defeat in the Cold War, could not intercede for its Serb brothers and had to watch, helplessly, impotently, as Americans and Western Europeans were bombing a major Greek Orthodox Slavic capital. And that was precisely the point. America did it because it wanted to teach Russia a lesson. Because it wanted to cement its victory in the Cold War, and because the holier than though attitude played well, politically, for the ruthlessly cynical House of Clinton.

Today, Russia is much too powerful for this kind of action to even be contemplated by the West, which in and of itself is a good enough reason to place Vladimir Putin in the pantheon of Russia’s most effective leaders. 

The lesson of Serbia as far as any Slavic nation is concerned, is that the West will never, under any circumstances, accept Slavs as equals. If those dewy-faced Belarussian girls facing the militarized police think for a moment that they would ever be accepted in Berlin, London, or Paris as anything but waitresses or sex workers, there is a very rude awakening in store for them.

Another example of this is Ukraine. The anti-Russian, pro-Western, Soros-sponsored color revolution known as Maidan in 2014 brought Ukraine nothing but misery. It made that country into a plundering ground for every Western and American criminal, starting with the notorious Bidens. What has not materialized is serious foreign investment or legitimate opportunities for Ukrainians in Western Europe.

Even the historically Western-oriented, Latin alphabet using, non-Greek Orthodox Poles and Balts have never been accepted into the West as full and equal members. There is a certain dignity in sticking with your own kind even if it has fewer toys to offer than the mighty globalist West at whose feet one must grovel for scraps.

An interesting point crossed my Twitter feed today. A pro-Trump blue-check account tweeted, with regards to the recently signed normalization deal between Israel and the United Emirates that Israeli Jews and Emirati Arabs had more in common than so-called “red” and “blue” Americans. This is a very perceptive and entirely true observation. Israelis and Emiratis do indeed have much in common. We share genes, Semitic languages, deep (compared to the West) religiosity, cuisine, and a Levantine, Middle-Eastern outlook. In a very true sense of the word, we, as the Bible tells us, are cousins.

When America was founded, Americans were also cousins, if not brothers. The greatest divide was between the northern Puritans and the Southern Cavaliers. 

There is a great deal of difference between the hatred that cousins feel towards each other and that which is felt by total strangers. The North-South hatred was a hatred between cousins. It burned bright and went supernova in 1861. This hatred, perhaps, has never quite disappeared, but it was a hatred inside a family, within people who could readily agree on most things, be they religion or rules of gentlemanly conduct.

Sometime between then and now, America stopped being a nation defined by its Anglo-Saxon ethnicity, Protestant work ethic, and rugged individuality and became a nation that is famously referred to as an “idea”. As a Jew, I find the idea of an idea being a foundation of a nation rather peculiar, if not to say insane. But I could be wrong. Perhaps an idea is a good enough foundation for a nation. But allow me a simple query: what happens when no two randomly chosen members of said nation can agree on what that idea is? What happens when for many decades the school system in that nation stops teaching that idea to the next generations? What happens when that same school system begins to teach that the idea, the one thing that defines America as a nation, is nothing but a huge mistake? What happens when future generations of this idea-defined nation are taught that this idea is based exclusively on genocide of indigenous peoples, land theft, colonialism, slavery, racism, and every possible injustice?

I mean who would want to belong to a nation that is defined by nothing other than a criminal idea, a set of principles that had never had any right to exist in the first place and most certainly do not have that right now in our enlightened and progressive universe?

Families fight, sometimes even to the death, but fate rarely lets them split apart. After all, blood is thicker than water. Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia will always be together whether they want to or not, regardless of squabbles big and small. Russia’s western frontier has always cast a misty eye to the West, only to be soundly rejected by it. Ukrainians and Belarussians attempted to welcome Hitler’s Western hordes as liberators, only to be treated as “untermensch”, as sub-humans. Today’s West is far less lethal, but its basic attitudes are no different.

America, on the other hand, no longer enjoys the backstop, the downside protection of family ties. It is an “idea”, an idea upon which no two randomly chosen Americans are very likely to agree. 

This is why Americans are now shooting each other with such nonchalance on the streets of their cities. America is split in two; one part still believes in its founding ideals, in the great American idea, the other summarily rejects them. There is literally nothing in common between these two parts of America, except, possibly, their love of a steady paycheck. 

I would be tempted to dismiss some of the sights and sounds of American cities as a type of live action role play, but for the real money people are putting where their mouths are. The flight from America’s flagship cities, from Los Angeles and from New York is real. From renters who live paycheck to paycheck to multi-millionaires, folks are loading up those vans and heading out. Can you imagine the cost and the disruption of such an action? Clearly, this is something that nobody would do had they had any expectation of things ever going back to “normal”. 

Perhaps President Trump will get reelected in November. And then what? Will he rewrite every America history textbook? Fire every communist teacher? Believe me, if he did, there would be no teachers left; they are all communists now, yes, even in Texas. Perhaps, in the event of a massive Trump landslide, say 55% of the popular vote, the other 45% will see the error of their ways and fall in love with the American “idea” they had been taught to hate. Perhaps, more likely, they will just check their 401k’s and go to sleep. That would be a very good outcome, the best we can hope for. 

Then, the great work of restoring the love affair between the American People and the American idea of individual freedom and equal rights for individuals rather than groups that have coalesced around real or imaginary injustices can truly begin. This will require a truly transformational second term, one that would involve at once a massive purge and a massive intake. A purge of all the communists, neocons, and plain thieves that have taken root in the American elite institutions and an intake of true patriots to replace them. 

Betting on the feasibility and the probability of such an outcome is similar to buying a two million dollar home prior to buying the lottery ticket that would pay for it, but it may yet be a safer bet than the one taken by the Continental Congress when they declared war on Britain or the one taken by Jews in the Holy Land when they declared independence from the British. 

Our time is truly a time of miracles, so conventional bookmaking may be best left to actuaries. As to us regular folks, all we can do is believe.