An incredible story of Courage, Determination and Patriotism. The journey of Irving Locker from the beaches of Normandy to the State of the Union with President Trump.

As Irving Locker describes it, he was in his late teens when he and his fellow soldiers landed on Utah Beach. Greeted by a hailstorm of machine gun fire, mortar shells and heavy armament, the door of the landing craft opened and they jumped into the water. Many of them were dropped too soon and as they stepped off the boat, they sank to the bottom and drowned. Irving describes how every soldier had a 47-pound backpack, a 3-pound helmet, several hand grenades and extra ammunition around your waste. It was impossible to swim. Having come in on the second and third wave of men, “there were dead soldiers everywhere, many floating in the water.” Through God’s good grace, Irving and his men all made it in alive. 

Irving Locker, who today is 94 years young. Irving was drafted into the Army right out of high school, just a kid from New Jersey. Irving was sent to fight in the one of the most monumental battles in World War II, D-Day/Battle of the Bulge. Sid Bowdidge will join the program as we honor the legacy and memory of America’s heroes.

Be it on the ground, the air or the ocean, these men were heroes. Hundreds of thousands of them gave the ultimate sacrifice to save our allies in Europe from a fascist dictator/murderer, Adolf Hitler. Why? Values, that’s why. The values which most Americans lived by back then were many, and most were tied into Christian family values. Such as Respect, honesty, community, faith, freedom, integrity, humility, kindness, honor, discipline, compassion, accountability, fidelity and love of God and neighbors.

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