WE THE PEOPLE have a choice to make in the next two elections: choose the free market enterprise system which is one primary reason America excelled or choose socialism where the people who work for a living will get taxed to the max and all people will experience misery. Decisions must be made. There is no FREE RIDE.

It is time to awaken the American public, many of whom have been deceived into thinking socialism is equitable and just. The free market enterprise system must be taught on the local level so that it can have the greatest impact. Young Americans must learn why our country made more advances in 200 years than the world had made in 5,000 years.

Steve Olds, Founder and President of Patriot Mission, is using his military strategic training to build connections with leaders across America and a way to sustain Patriot influence that bridges gaps from top to bottom so that our republic is safe and secure for generations to come. Steve is a former US Air Force F-15 fighter pilot, decorated for service in Desert Storm. After leaving the service, Steve has focused on small business, entrepreneurship and since 2011, PATRIOT MISSION. You do not want to miss this interview!!

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