Less than 1% of Americans serve our great nation in uniform. Our Warriors take these Oaths and sign on the dotted line never knowing if they’ll become a statistic or a casualty of war. They enter under a belief system that they will be protected by the very laws of the Constitution they serve to protect.

Never in their wildest dreams could or would they imagine they’re being compartmentalized from societies within. Forces that are being weaponized against Americans for a political advantage; dividing us from our brothers in arms of every uniform, while rewriting our laws to fit their sinister plots.

Yet, modern day warfare of the 21st century has grown in influence by a transgenerational criminal mafia, both Political and Military.

These forces are strategically aware of the two oldest directives in the book pertaining to war, the first being, call the enemy by name and the other is to divide and conquer.

One word against another, they’ll deny it if the truth sees the light of day, don’t worry, there will be some shadow figure who will override the crime and pin the tail on the nearest donkey all in the name of subordination. Now you know why there is such a high rate of PTSD.

They put our men in uniform and cast them into the valley of death. They tie their hands behind their backs with rules of engagements and then throw them in the brig because the enemy has been defeated…. what the hell has #44 done to our military leadership?

That’s right, Obama fired about 200 military generals and officers, remember? Why? I think it’s pretty obvious why, to keep the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing….It’s called “COMPARTMENTALIZATION”.

We’ve been witness to a corrupted Judicial system, whereby, Attorneys and Judges are micromanaging our battlefields.

Our heroes are maimed or killed through ambushes or made to walk through mine fields, shot down from the skies as well as shot to death on American military bases, loss of limbs to explosive devices, neglected, abandoned, and fallen victim by way of dereliction of duties. The good guys are killed or thrown in jail while the bad guys are rewarded, and sometimes receive reprimands in their records only to be removed shortly later; then promoted and put in charge of stability operations. We’ve heard one obfuscation after another in order to rewrite the narratives; our families struggle daily because of the injustices and lack of accountability and the total disregard of our Veterans, over illegals.

Just like a scene from a nightmare “Something Wicked This Way Comes” setting the stage for yet “another” egregious tragedy that occurred to an American Soldier on the battlefield. What happened to 1st Lt Clint Lorance is downright evil, wicked and unimaginable, as he was abandoned by his own peers and dammed by those he could not fight against.

He had dedicated his entire adult life to the United States Military, serving in Afghanistan as a 1st Lt in a dangerous combat zone when only three days into his newly appointed arena against the enemy forces, when an incident struck and this 1st Lt had to make a split second decision to fight back or be killed.

The ramifications to follow would deliver his fate, his entire young life would be dissolved and destroyed by an obtuse and insidious chain of events to unfold.

While engaged in combat in Afghanistan, Clint was charged with attempted murder of a male Afghan descent, two counts of murder of a male of Afghan descent, ordering a sniper to fire into an abandoned village and a few military specific charges. It is important to note that the Government prosecutors knew the men Clint killed were enemy fighters, but withheld this information from Clint’s Lawyer’s at Trial.

The real crime is that this Army Officer became the sacrificial lamb upon the alter of destiny, his voice never heard in the courtroom regarding his side of the story, he was condemned and bastardized as guilty before the ink hit the paper, and new narratives and eyewitness accounts from his own men and a nefarious bastion of shadowy elites more in sync with a false narrative then the truth on that fateful day, all sympathizing with the enemy forces betraying an American brother in arms.

The fingerprints of “covert thuggery” are written all over this egregious story; another American pawn added to the roster by the shadow elites who wear their uniforms with contradiction and a smile to fool those on the surface while forwarding their dark agenda to inspire the hearts and minds of Afghan and Taliban elders.

What happened to Clint Lorance was a “Shame to Silence” a prime example of moral decay, the erosion of American soldiers rights on the battlefields and in the courtrooms has become more common than most people realize. The foreign enemies on the battlefields have more rights and privileges provided to them by the domestic elite enemies from within!

WATCH THE VIDEO: Life Changing Evidence Withheld to Clear Clint Lorance

President Trump, as you’re reading this article about an innocent Army Officer who was doing the job he took an Oath to do, and was used as a pawn by the military elite deep state without a fair hearing and without so much as a vowel, noun, or syllable uttered in his own defense, the family of Clint Lorance has but one request to make of you in his defense; “Mr. President in regards to Clint Lorance, Please disapprove the findings in the sentence, or direct the Secretary of the Army to disapprove the findings in the sentence. Thank you Sir for your time and attention in this matter.”

Upon interviewing Anna Lorance, Clint’s loving mother and his Attorney, John Maher, I am quoting the layout of her son Clint Lorance’s tragic incidence that fateful day.

This is a call to Justice. As mothers, the givers of life, there is nothing more endearing to the seat of our souls than our children.

According to Anna Lorance’s Timeline, “FREECLINT” regarding her son, Army Officer Clint Lorance, the following occurred on that tragic July day.

“In July 2012, while serving as a Rifle Platoon leader in a remote sector of Kandahar Province Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance’s platoon embarked on what was seemingly a normal combat patrol. Clint’s patrol, consisting of 16 US Infantrymen, 5 Afghan National Army Soldiers, and 1 US Interpreter, left their Strong Point early in the morning on July 02, 2012, to a neighboring village. The platoon knew this village all too well, as only days before, one of their brothers, a US Soldier, had been shot in the neck in this very village. The incident as it unfolded that fateful day.

Having constant contact with overhead US Army helicopters, it would soon become apparent to Clint that the platoon was headed into enemy held territory. Army pilots warned Clint over the radio of enemy presence to the North, East and West of the Platoon’s position on the ground. Clint confirmed with the pilots a good description of the enemy, and pilots continued to track and provide overhead surveillance for Clint’s infantry platoon who was traveling on foot in the mine-riddled Afghan terrain. The Soldiers were operating in a terrain that leaders had deemed too dangerous to drive vehicles due to the expensive damage to vehicles as a result of mine explosions. In an effort to preserve their vehicles, the Infantrymen walked everywhere on foot, behind hand-held mine-detectors and explosive-detective dogs.

A dirt road was situated between the small base and the village, which had been restricted to military and police use only. This road had been lined with concertina wire, so as to reduce the Taliban’s freedom of maneuver. This restriction had been in place for several months prior to Clint’s arrival. It was a common Taliban tactic to run from US Forces on their motorcycles to the river to the South of the base, out of Clint’s platoon’s area of operations (sort of like a jurisdiction, keeping military units properly aligned on the battlefield). As the platoon made their way across the road and through the concertina wire, a two wheeled motorcycle bearing three military – aged males came down the road at a higher-than normal rate of speed. As the motorcycle approached, the men were pointing at the Soldiers positions.

Trial testimony proved that back at Headquarters and simultaneously, radio signals were being intercepted by US intelligence Soldiers which clearly indicated that someone was pointing out via radio the positions of the US Troops on the ground. These radio intercepts were being translated into English and relayed via secure military radio to Clint on the ground. These Taliban were clearly setting up for an ambush. As the motorcycle approached the patrol, one of Clint Lorance army Soldiers, a former policeman, yelled back to him and said the motorcycle was coming at a faster than normal rate of speed and asked for permission to fire.

The Taliban showed no indication of slowing down and ignored the Afghan Soldiers verbal and visual warnings to stop. Clint had 3-5 seconds to react to this threat before the bike reached his men, who were tactically vulnerable because the patrol was in the middle of crossing the road, Clint granted his Soldier permission to fire.

The Soldier fired and missed. The motorcycle came to a stop under a tree a few hundred meters from Clint’s position. The Taliban dismounted and began approaching the patrol. The Afghan Soldiers who were in front of Lt. Clint US army men instinctively raised their weapons and prepared to fire, shouting at the men to stop. The men ignored the Afghan Army’s commands. This is all happening in seconds. Clint gave permission to fire, killing two of the men, one ran away. Minutes later, the Soldiers detained that man who had ran away, he later tested positive for homemade explosives residue on his hands. During this patrol, a separate element of Clint’s platoon on the other end of the village engaged and killed two Taliban who were visually observing and communicating that they saw the Soldiers position on the rooftop. A second man was captured while attempting to flee the village by another element of Clint’s platoon. This man also tested positive for homemade explosives residue.

It is important to consider that, though the men Clint ordered killed did not have any weapons on them, however, their motorcycle was taken away by another Afghan a few minutes after the engagement and the third man did run away. Was the third man carrying a weapon?? Did the motorcycle contain an explosive device?? See News reports by motorcycles used by terrorists. Intelligence reports for the area identified any personnel owning or operating a motorcycle as Taliban, as there were no local population living there.

The local population had long since moved out of the area because it had been taken over by the Taliban. Essentially, if they were in the area, they were up to no good. The only other non-Taliban actors in this area were farmers who commuted from their homes south of the river to farm the land that had been left abandoned. Upon return to base, Clint ordered both of the captured men be tested for explosives residue on their hands. Both men tested positive, confirming Clint’s suspicions that the men had handled explosives recently. Clint also ordered the men entered biometrically into the platoon’s computer to check for past criminal history. Then men both gave a “John Doe” name when asked, negating the computer check. Clint then ordered that both men be physically separated, put into a shaded area, and be given food and water. Both men refused food, but drank water. When the Afghan Police arrived and asked Clint for permission to interrogate the prisoners, Clint denied the Police access to the prisoners and declared from under US custody, as such, they would be treated in accordance with US Army laws for treatment of prisoners. These laws mandate that the US personnel must protect anyone in their custody from interrogation or unjust treatment.

Clint instructed his men to guard the prisoners and not talk to them, 2-3 hours later, the prisoners were transported to the detainee processing facility at the Brigade Headquarters. Even though both men tested positive for explosive reside and were acting suspiciously and acted exactly as all other Taliban do in the area. Clint’s higher HQ assumed they were innocent due to political reasons. The Army assumed Clint guilty of random acts of murder, fired him from being a platoon leader, took his weapon away in combat zone and moved him to headquarters to assume administrative duties while awaiting the investigation. In November 2014, Defense Team of Clint Lorance Petition uncovered information that proves these men were both Biometrically connected to IED attacks on US Soldiers, the Army had this information, and did not think it was important enough to divulge to Clint Lorance appeal lawyers. The members of Clint Lorance’s platoon have since made efforts to protect themselves by testifying against him in exchange for immunity. Clint is the only person in this incident to face any criminal charges. Clint stood in court and said, “I take full responsibility for the actions of my men.”

Each of the above circumstances were validated by witness testimony, while under oath, during the court martial. Nine of the ten men being considered for committing murder were granted immunity by then General John Nicholson in exchange for their testimony against the remaining one, Lt Clint Lorance.

Such a Treasonous Traitor with his spin on false narratives, General John Nicholson, you’re a disgrace and contradiction in uniform and this is NOT YOUR FIRST TIME YOU “FALSELY SET UP” AMERICAN VALOR WHILE SIDING WITH THE ENEMY. Calling you out by name for you are the true domestic enemy, it was you who divided the loyalty among 1st Lt Clint Lorance’s men, shaming them into silence and false narratives to which you have a history of doing. General Nicholson on BBC.

There is no contest in trying to fight these so called “Elite” because there are NO LAWS PROTECTING OUR WARRIORS AGAINST THESE DEEP STATE WARMONGERS. They come from a dynasty and generation of “Ring knockers” aka the “revolving door” deep state military-political sympathizers, their families are the shadows running the show, they are educated and used to infiltrate our government and are notorious for doing business with our enemies. They are the rogue elements, domestic terrorist from within, they misuse and abuse their powers and directives of the rules of engagement, trading a pound of American flesh to win the hearts and minds of the enemy to forward their agendas. Just how and when did this happen that we promote the enemies agenda and belief system over our own American forces?

When President Trump is finished draining the Political “deep state” General John Nicholson should be added to the top of the list for draining the Military Industrial Complex!

First of all, Who is General John Nicholson? That’s right, he is the General who was responsible for trying to set up our Marine Special Operations Team in Afghanistan among others. More Here:  Innocent Marines Were Within an Inch of Being Falsely Imprisoned

Something to think about, July 2012 was an important time for senior US officials in Afghanistan. Civilian casualty allegations across the battlefield were beginning to complicate the end of war transition negotiations to include a similar incident that happened only weeks before in the same area by a different infantry unit as well as a mass killing of Afghans by a US Soldier that made international news. Sufficed to say, Army officials needed someone to harshly punish in order to show the Afghan government we will take care of our own. Keep in mind that this is all happening as the US and Afghan governments are discussing a status of forces agreement between the two nations. That is, the US guarantee that if Americans commit crimes, they will be dealt with swiftly by US justice system. The US officials needed an example to drive this point home at this pivotal time in transition. Enter 1st Lt Clint Lorance. Decide for yourself. We send our Soldiers to fight a war where civilians and enemy look alike. They are walking through fields of land mines designed specifically not to kill, but to maim and mutilate. How is the US Government going to turn around and accuse these brave soldiers of murder, what would you do in this situation?

To this day, Lt Clint Lorance maintains full responsibility for the actions of his men and himself on 1 & 2 July 2012. When asked to this day, Clint says, “If anyone has to go to Prison, it should be me, as the Officer on the ground.” Clint’s words today, “I NEVER LEFT MY SOLDIER’S BEHIND”

To Free Clint Lorance. In 2018, his legal team discovered a document that proves the Army Lawyers knew about the “innocent civilians” as they were called by the Army’s Lawyers at Clint’s trial. In short, the Army knew they were court-martialing a Soldier for killing enemy forces, but did so anyway to make a statement to other Soldiers and the Afghan government.

The Army knew Clint was innocent and they sent him to prison for 20 years anyways.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Life Changing Evidence Withheld to Clear Clint Lorance

Clint does not have access to the internet and his phone access is very restricted. You may, however write to Clint directly via US Mail at the following address:
Clint Lorance 93197
1300 North Warehouse Rd
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027

To support Clint Lorance, Please email: freeclintlorance@yahoo.com


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