May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

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Fossil Fuels Can End the Pandemic and Save Human Life

by | Apr 11, 2021 |

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It has become clear that the key player in defeating the ever-mutating SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus is none other than CO2. This article is not a parody… but is based on technical expertise and experience in alternative energy and nanotechnology of over twenty years.

Lockdowns are ineffective for reaching a situation in which the pandemic virus fades away. In fact, lockdowns are self-inflicted wounds that do more harm than they will do good. The much-heralded new step of vaccinating populations also is showing it is not up to the task either. The virus is mutating into variants constantly, and new vaccines will be required for those.

Seasonal influenza (also a coronavirus) has existed for over two hundred years or more during the period of modern medicine, and we have yet to develop a vaccine for them. For the same reason, an effective vaccine to end seasonal influenza is a mirage, so it is for the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well. The virus is and will be outrunning the vaccines, as is usual.

So is the battle lost against the pandemic virus? Strangely enough, a way to produce deactivation and instability in the virus, leading to its destruction, comes from a totally unexpected source.

The virus becomes more and more unstable and unable to infect people the warmer it gets. For example, at approximately 4 degrees C to 15 degrees C, the virus can remain active on surfaces for up to 29 days. This means, capable of causing infection for 29 days. However, at the temperature of 40 degrees C, which is common in many parts of the world, such as India, Africa, the Middle East, South China, and so on… in that environment, the virus becomes inactive (dead) in just one day.

Let me repeat that. As the environmental temperature rises, the pandemic virus loses its power to infect and to survive. Twenty-nine days active in power in cool and cold weather. One day in hot weather. This explains why the “flu season” never happens in the summer. Flu season begins in the autumn as temperatures drop. When cool and cold temperatures empower the influenza virus during the winter, it causes the “flu season” and a seasonal pandemic.

The cooler it gets⏤, the stronger the virus becomes. And in summer, the warmer it gets, the weaker the influenza viruses become, and then they basically disappear. It’s not because of magic because such viruses thrive in cool and cold weather and are damaged and destroyed by warm weather.

Most coronaviruses would be almost completely killed after exposure to temperatures of 65°C (149°F) or higher for longer than 3 minutes. For temperatures lower than 65°C (149°F), a longer exposure time should be used. For example, the coronavirus may need to be exposed to temperatures of between 50 and 55°C (122 to 131°F) for 20 minutes to be killed.

However, the objective is not to “kill” the coronavirus with environmental temperatures such as those in the above study; the objective is to weaken it and make it unstable. So it can not last on surfaces and in the air, except for a short time. And for that, just a relatively small increase in temperature is needed.

Other studies have assessed the stability of the virus under different conditions. In one correspondence published in the Lancet Microbe, researchers found SARS-CoV-2 was “highly stable” 4 degrees celsius. However, at 70 degrees celsius, they found the virus was inactivated in five minutes.

In another pre-print paper, researchers from Beijing, China, found air temperature and humidity played a role in transmitting the virus. By analyzing infection rates across 100 Chinese cities, they found higher temperatures and humidity levels appeared to “significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19.” They said this was in line with SARS and influenza, which have reduced transmission under these conditions.

Additional studies also show clearly that the virus is empowered and remains virulent and infectious over long periods of time in cool and cold weather. But very weak and near destruction in times of warm weather.

Survival rates of SARS-CoV-2 were determined at different temperatures, and D-values, Z-values, and half-life were calculated. We obtained half-lives of between 1.7 and 2.7 days at 20 °C, reducing to a few hours when the temperature was elevated to 40 °C. With initial viral loads broadly equivalent to the highest titres excreted by infectious patients, a viable virus was isolated for up to 28 days at 20 °C from common surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and both paper and polymer banknotes. Conversely, infectious viruses survived less than 24 h at 40 °C on some surfaces.

Putting it briefly, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus thrives in cool and cold weather. And becomes weak and deactivated, the warmer it gets. And that even standard environmental temperatures in summer can damage the virus. Hot countries such as Uganda and Vietnam for example have the lowest death rates from the pandemic in the world.

What has that got to do with CO2?

After becoming a bedrock government policy in the present US government, it is now clear that officials believe that CO2 causes global warming. CO2 causes a rise in the environmental temperature of the earth. Human activity is a major contributor, if not the major contributor, to the increase of CO2 in the environment.

To put it clearly and simply in terms of the pandemic virus, the more CO2 which we produce (raising the temperature on the earth’s surface), the weaker the virus becomes, the closer to deactivation and death it moves. Its ability to infect and cause illness decreases with every increase in temperature.

The solution to the pandemic now becomes clear and achievable.  

CO2 has many benefits, including its support for flourishing plant life and agriculture. Added to that at this time of the pandemic is the emergency status benefit, that it can weaken and destroy the pandemic virus. In a strange but accurate way, the policy of international organizations and the American government must produce as much CO2 as possible.

So as an engineer working in alternative energy for about twenty years, and as a specialist in nanotechnology-related to combating pandemic viruses, I plan to produce as much CO2 as I possibly can. Travel by plane, use our internal combustion engine cars as much as possible. Heat and cool our home as much as possible. Use fossil fuels as much as possible. They are plentiful, inexpensive, and can in fact save our lives on earth from the pandemic virus.

In this way, by increasing our personal (and by extension national and international) carbon footprint… each of us makes a contribution to save the planet, a contribution of damage, and weaken pandemic viruses. Fossil fuels have provided a miracle that can save the planet in terms of human life. Rev up the fracking; we have a way out.

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in alternative energy (solar, wind, hydropower) and antimicrobial nano-technology. He recommends, as well as do many climate enthusiasts and expert scientists, this fascinating bombshell book, which clarifies that the earth is moving into cooler temperatures due to the sun’s cooling. ICE AGE … 2025: HOW TO PREPARE AMERICA AND YOUR FAMILY FOR THE COMING ICE AGE And he provides a history of cold weather solar minimums in the middle ages and as recently as the 1700s and 1800s. What life was like during solar minimum mini-ice age cold periods explains why we are shortly going to enter a new mini-ice age.



Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer, previously working in hydropower, and working since 2009 in antimicrobial electrochemistry. Non-medical technology helping business and industry achieve safer surfaces and safer air.

 He has written several books on the pandemic, and also on Democrat cooperation with Russian efforts to subvert the US political process, and now subverting the pandemic remediation process.

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25 days ago

Covid isn’t a flu virus or even in the same family. It’s in the cold virus family.

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