Foreign Words in the Quran

Humanity has been indoctrinated for the last 1400 years to believe the erroneous mantras – among dozens more – that Islam means peace; that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible and that Jihad is a ‘spiritual struggle’ to commune with God etc.

Continuing our relentless process of revealing the “Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth” about Muslims and Islam –based entirely upon their Arabic scripture –  the following is a further article destroying another egregious Muslim mendacity.

Muhammad’s Quran in several verses (16:103, 12:2, and 42:7) asserts that it is in PURE Arabic, by an Arab, Muhammad, to Arabs. Yet according to my studies, I was surprised to find out that many of the earliest Muslim linguists had great difficulty in finding the Arabic origins or roots of many of the most important words in Muhammad’s Quran.

Contrary to what many recent and current Muslim so called scholars would have us believe, Muhammad and the immense majority of the pagan Arabs in 7th century Arabia were illiterate, superstitious and nomadic with the minimum attributes of a civilization although Arabia was surrounded by higher religions and civilizations with whom they had constant and full contact and from whom they borrowed numerous religious and cultural terms from Egyptian, Greek, Syriac and Persian civilizations that surrounded them.

This fact was fully recognized by the earliest Muslim exegetes, who showed absolutely no hesitation in noting words as Christian, Iranian or Jewish in origin as were compiled by Al Suyuti in his Itqan, al Baghawi, al Razi and many more.

It was under the later scholars such as al Shafii that this fact – for obvious theological, political and doctrinal reasons – was pushed into the background and an orthodox doctrine was elaborated which was later turned into a dogma to the effect, that Muhammad’s Quran is a unique product of the Arabic language.

These scholars were forced to deny facts and reality because they needed to reconcile the inherent destructive theological contradictions in Muhammad’s Quran wherein Allah declares it is revealed in pure Arabic when in reality it most assuredly is not.

The modern Muslim scholar is seriously distressed by any discussion of the foreign origin of words in the Quran because they would be forced to reconcile the irreconcilable.

Dear readers, based upon proven historical and linguistic grounds, it is extremely rare that an uncivilized people – such as the pagan Arabs were – would not be enormously influenced by the surrounding more superior civilizations, religions and cultures.

For the Muslim Arabs to pretend, that the Arabic language per se, prior to the Arabian conquests of the surrounding civilizations contained ALL the theological and spiritual words used in Muhammad’s Quran is totally absurd, contrary to facts, unsubstantiated and desperate wishful thinking.

It is invariably, the more dominant powers or civilizations that impose their language upon the lesser ones as actually happened initially by the Greeks, the Romans and finally by the Arabs in their turn.

Anyone dispassionately studying Muhammad’s Quran will realize that Muhammad drew his inspiration not from his own primitive pagan religious background but most certainly from the vocabulary and religious terms of the great monotheistic religions that had already found root in the spiritual soil of Arabia, especially the Christians and Jews.

It is extremely important to point out that there were very powerful Arabian Christian tribes who were dominant both in Syria and Iraq and who wrote and spoke SYRIAC and had spread the Bible in Arabia and Africa.

Vocabulary of Syriac origin was already coming into use in Arabia centuries before Muhammad and his Quran. The court of al Hira in Iraq was a rendezvous point for the poets and literati of the day.

Many of the most prominent poets of pre-Islamic Arabia such as Imru’l Qays, Mutalammis and Abdi b. Zaid were Christians and their poetry was naturally impregnated with Christian terms, words and ideas.

Even in the extant poetry of such non-Christians as Al Nabigha and Al Ash’a, one finds the strong influences of Syrian Christianity because they spent time at the court of al Hira.

The Hadiths and biography of Muhammad assert that he traveled to Syria (al Sham) both as a child and later as a merchant on behalf of his wifeKhadija who was associated with Christianity through her uncle Waraqa bin Naufal.

Muhammad was surrounded by enormously powerful non Arabian influences that shaped his thoughts, his inspirations and his Quranic prose and to pretend that he was not affected by them is contrary to logic, to reality to veracity and to history.

Yusuf 12: 2  “ We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an in order that ye may learn wisdom”

Ta Ha 20: 113 “ Thus have we sent this down an Arabic Qur’an “

Al Shua’ra 26:195   “In the perspicuous Arabic tongue…”

Al Zummar 39: 28   “(It is) a Qur’an in Arabic without any crookedness (therein): in order that they may guard against Evil”

Al Shura 41:3 “A Book whereof the verses are explained in detail a Qur’an in Arabic for people who understand”

According to the Hadiths, the Quran was ‘revealed’ to Muhammad in SEVEN modes.

Why were so many modes necessary if it were such a pure form of Arabic in the first place?

Why if Allah is the same as the omniscient God of the Bible did he need to reveal his commandments in more than one form?

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 2215 Narrated by Ubayy ibn Ka’b

Ubayy told of Allah’s Messenger meeting Gabriel and saying, “I have been sent, Gabriel, to a people who are unlettered, among whom are old women and old men, boys and girls, and men who have never read a book.”

He replied, “The Qur’an, Muhammad, has been sent down in seven modes.”

Al Suyuti cites in his al-Itqan (Cairo 1925), vol.1, ch. 38 pp (135/41) about 118 words which are not of Arabic origin but from Hebrew, Persian, Abyssinian, Aramaic, Syriac etc. most of which are among the most important, without which, the Quran could not possibly make sense.

The following are a few examples:

Madrassah (School)/Beit ha Midrash
Sadaqah (Charity)
Surah (Chapter, Revelation)
Mus’haf (Holy Book)
Malak (Angel)/Mal^akh
Ma’idah (table)
Sakinah (Holy Spirit)/Shekhina
Tahara (Purity)
Jahannam/Hell (Gehinnom)
Medina/Town (Medinah)
Shaytan/Satan (Satan)
Jibril/Gabriel (Gibbor-El)
Kanisah/Church (Kinnesset)
Nabi/prophet (Nabi)
Zakah/Charity (Zakah)
Deen/Religion (Din)
Dijlah(Tigris)/ Hiddekkel
Ahbar(Jewish Doctor)/ Haber
Asbat(tribes of Israel)/Sabt
Hajj/ Hag

Christian Abyssinian:
Mirhab (Niche)
Minbar (Pulpit)
Burhan (Proof)
Hawariyoun (Apostles/Jesus’ disciples)
Mushaf/Holy Book)

Barzakh (Obstacle) (S23:102; 55:20; 25:55)
Firdaws (Paradise) (S18:107; 23:11)
Zanjabil (Ginger) (S76:17)
Sijjil (Stones) (S105:4)
Firind (Sword)
Khandaq (To Dig/Ditch)
Zandaqah (Zandiq=Fire Worshipper)

Salah/Prayer and all the Biblical names in the Quran

Kharaj (Land Tax)/Choregia
Dinar (Currency)/Denarius

Muhammad’s Quran asserts repeatedly that it is a NEW scripture for the Arabs hence it would have been impossible for the native Arabic vocabulary and language of the pagan Arabs to all of a sudden and instantly create and invent new words and terminology to express all its new theological ideas to fit the occasion.

In fact, many of the words, terms and concepts were already available – off the shelf, so to speak – to Muhammad to plagiarize, plunder, pirate and or pervert to suit his agenda.

When one studies the subjects above, based upon the works of the Muslim exegetes who had dealt with this very difficult but important matter, one will find out that they were themselves at a loss as to the roots of many of the words, especially since they were not linguists in the four, five or six languages that Muhammad had plagiarized and inserted in his Quran.

They actually had the most meager philological resources at their disposal; so much so, that al Suyuti and those who preceded him completely missed the fact that several of the words that they alleged to have been foreign were in fact Arabic in origin.

We must totally ignore and dismiss all the protestations of Muslims regarding the crystal clear FACT that without the foreign words that permeate its verses and chapters Muhammad’s Quran would not exist.

This is a further refutation of another deceiving Islamic dogma: the alleged purity of the Arabic of Muhammad’s Quran.

More revelations to follow.

For Further Insight:
On my web , my talk shows and my articles I have already proven beyond a reasonable or even a shadow of a doubt – among other Islamic deceptions – that all these mantras are pure LIES.

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