How many of us grew up in households where we were told what we were? The decision to be either a Democrat or Republican was already made just as the one to be affiliated with a church or religion.

We were not allowed to change the “way things are” and it remained that way until one day we had an awakening. By the grace of God our eyes were opened into new realms to see things we were not shown at home. We discovered we were individuals with a mind to choose what we wanted to be and who we should become. For some of us it was met with great opposition given no one in our family had done this before.

So, it is with Party affiliations. 

Democrat or Republican was forced in front of us as if it was a badge of honor to be one or the other. And, if we did not choose the “right” one we would be forever banned from the family table!

These two parties continue to have somewhat of an appetite for verbal pain. They tend to enjoy the division of the country as if it is an NFL competition. They seem to have forgotten America is One Nation Under God. 

The venom spewed over the airways and online consistently keeps our nation in an unstable political stance. The message today is not complete; however, it is one that will make you stop and think seriously about who you are and how did you get there as a Democrat or Republican.

Listen as I teach another Christ Centered Message during this  Political Unrest today on Intentional: “Forced to Party.”

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