Families residing in New York state are being forced to have their religious beliefs eradicated regarding vaccinations in order to enter the schools and daycare centers, Yet, draconian lawmakers extend the right and privilege to illegal immigrants to exercise and preserve their religious belief systems within sanctuary cities, all on the dime and back sides of tax paying New Yorkers.

The audacity of these radical lawmakers, they need to realize one important fact, New Yorkers are a tough breed of people, they are some of the most resilient, fight or flight warriors, true survivors who will push back against this criminal and illegal repeal that Cuomo and de Blasio directed in the false narrative of a measles crisis.

Be sure this cabal would spread their cancerous politics from state to state throughout the US if they have the opportunity in doing so, these are the very people who voted and signed bills to kill and abort innocent babies at birth, their alleged agenda is to lawlessly snuff out the American way of life and replace it with a socialist, foreign regime.

Be sure, we are truly witnessing our American children as a prime example of an “endangered species.”

Something is very wrong in America and in the state of New York that all sixty-two counties have lost their voices to the domestic terrorist, who call themselves law makers, enforcing schools and day care to be side stepped and withheld from exercising their religious belief system, this is truly the modern day version of the “trail of tears.”

Give it up Cuomo and de Blasio, if the state supreme court justice doesn’t come out fighting for the American people, protecting children’s rights, there will be less children attending the NY schools and that means no money in the coiffures.

This past week, Robert Kennedy Jr, and civil rights Attorney Michael Sussman argued that the Legislature passed the law in direct violation of religious freedom and a family’s right to express that freedom by refusing to vaccinate their children.

They seek to temporarily stop the negligent draconian law from taking effect before the start of the 2019-2020 school year which begins early September, just after the Labor day holiday.

More than 1,000 “anti-vaxxers” protested outside the Albany County courthouse Wednesday, August 15th, calling for a repeal of a new law that bans all non-medical exemptions from school vaccine requirements.

The false narrative used is that the state did away with non-medical exemptions due to the biggest measles outbreak in more than 25 years, with several of those cases found within the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, and area that has grown strongly Muslim and by the influx of illegal immigrants.

A growing epidemic that transpired heavily under the former radical Obama administration.

These radical domestic terrorists, wolves in sheep’s clothing, are responsible for allowing illegals into our country and into the state of NY with all types of medical deficiencies, they are the very reason there became a methodically manipulated manufactured measles crisis.

Americans have awakened from their slumber and recognize those elitists who are using all the weapons in their Agenda 21/30 toolbox to propel the downward spiral of mankind.

Many parents are now choosing to home school their children and in some cases, taking jobs working from home, so they can protect their children while bucking the obtuse system.

It is the hope of New Yorkers that the state supreme justice is expected to make a decision before the beginning of the school year which begins early September, just after the Labor day holiday.

According to the New York Post “New York dropped on June 13, what I consider a nuclear bomb on these families,” Michael Sussman argued in state Supreme Court before Justice Denise Hartman. “The active hostility to religion here cannot be explained away as a stray comment. It was an active, pervasive theme. We have 26,000 children who in tow weeks, one week, are going to have nowhere to go to school,” he added.

Under the law, children without vaccination records within the first 14 days of the school year will be banned from attending class. If kids have records proving they’ve received the first round of immunization, that limit is extended to 30 days. That immunization cocktail includes vaccinations for poliomyelitis, mumps, measles, diphtheria, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, pertussis, tetanus and where applicable, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) meningococcal disease and pneumococcal disease, according to state law.

“The right to free expression of religion does not encompass the right to endanger the lives, health and safety of others,” said Helena Lynch, assistant attorney general arguing on behalf of the state.

“The actual legislative record is so clear that the motivation was public health- whether the Legislature acted too quickly, didn’t act quickly enough, regardless of the process, the purpose was public health.”

“Freedom Freedom!” the crowd screamed outside after the court proceedings.

“This is a direct assault on a constitutional right that is a foundation stone of our Bill of Rights in this country,” said Kennedy, who made several trips to Albany fighting the bill, despite public opposition from his own famous family declaring he’s perpetuated “dangerous misinformation” that sews” distrust of the science behind vaccines.”

Some 96% of New York students received vaccinations during the 2017-2018 school year, according to health department data. But religious exemptions are granted separately; in New York City, the Department of Education grants exemptions for public schools, and private school waivers are granted by that specific school.

State lawmakers passed legislation responding to a mass measles outbreak in pockets of Brooklyn, primarily in Hasidic neighborhoods, prompting Mayor Bill de Blasio to declare a public health emergency. It was eventually signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Jun 13. There is no timeframe regarding the court’s decision.”

Remarks by Robert Kennedy Jr regarding Vaccinations:

“The CDC is a very troubled agency, and it’s not just me saying that. There have been four separate, intensive federal investigations by the United States Congress—a three year investigation, 2001, 2002, 2003, by the United States Senate, Tom Coburn’s committee, by the Inspector General of HHS in 2008, by the Office Integrity in 2014. All of them have painted the CDC as a cesspool of corruption, of an agency that has become an absolute subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry, and that has become a sock puppet, a spokesperson, a shill for the industry.”

“CDC is not an independent agency. It is a vaccine company. CDC owns over twenty vaccine patents. It sells about $4.6 billion of vaccines every year. And its primary metric for success in all the departments in the agency are vaccine sales. The groups, for example the Immunization Safety Office, where the scientists who are supposed to be looking at efficacy and safety in vaccines, they are no longer a public service…agency. They are subsumed in that metric: We have to sell as many of these things as possible. And so they do things to their science to make sure that nothing interferes—no information—interferes with sales.

“Now there are two divisions of the vaccine branch where we worry about the corruption. The first one is called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. That is the committee that makes the decision about what new vaccines to add to the schedule.”

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