For many societies the” Wake up call” comes too late or never at all. Ours has been screaming in our face like an annoying alarm clock for quite some time. If we doubt that we must look no further than the incident at Starbucks coffee house where uniformed police officers were asked to leave because a patron didn’t feel safe in their presence.

On its face, the rational among us can only shake our heads at the utter foolishness of this idea. The reality that there are many people in our society that are so misguided and filled with illogic and hatred of all things traditional is mind boggling. The police of our nation are the last line of defense from the chaos that awaits just up the road.

To find our police officers to be so menacing and a threat to your very life and safety simply because they are drinking a cup of coffee in the same store as you, requires an unbelievable twist is reality that it is hard to comprehend.

To believe our cops are inherently dangerous means you must believe the lies of those who tell us that out officers are nothing more than rogue racists out to kill innocent law-abiding citizens at every opportunity. It means you must believe that our cops have meetings before their shifts where they express their hatred of different groups of citizens and then decide who they will target for harassment and execution later that day, it means you must believe the tragic confrontations between our cops and the sometimes very dangerous people they are sworn to protect end in violence because the cops chose to escalate the situation to violence. It means you must believe that all our citizens are simply good people going about their business peacefully until some cop comes along to cause them problems at best and death at worth for no other reason than their own blood lust.

If these are the types of thoughts you have running through your head⏤then it clearly means you have serious problems deciphering reality from some false narrative you have been fed or have decided to believe for some other reason that is not based in reality. It means you have a problem and need help. 

Our police officers work 24/7 to protect us, all of us no matter the neighborhood or the socioeconomics or their jurisdiction.

They have sworn an oath to serve and, in many cases, far too many, it is the citizens that pose the real threat to life and safety- of the cops!

The truth here is what is blinded by the modern thinking and rejection of all things traditional. To find our cops dangerous by drinking coffee in the same store as you, requires you to believe the lies we are told on a daily basis about the men and women of law enforcement.

Reality makes it very clear that many of the people the police must confront and use force on bring that action on themselves. Even the idea of saying that can be construed by some as oppressive, but that’s just too bad it’s the truth.

Many people engage in criminal actions and do not want to be stopped, questioned and arrested so they resist and fight the cops. This is where the violence begins. Our cops are not out on the streets to be punching bags for people who choose to resist, they are there as an arm of justice, that ‘we the people’ have demanded walk the beat and protect us.

The police officers of the United States are our last line of defense from the danger and chaos that is always knocking at our door, and in this day and age, it is even more prevalent.

The rise of Antifa is born directly out of the rejection of our police officers and their duty. We have seen over and over again in “Enlightened” communities where the political leaders have allowed these Antifa thugs to roam the streets, damage property and attack innocent citizens as they please all while holding back the police from repelling these violent, hate filled groups.

The cops are held back because the weak politicians don’t want to deal with a confrontation where the criminals may face consequences for their actions, so they let YOU face those consequences, which means assault and injury.

Wake up America, listen to the alarm before it’s too late. Violence and chaos have a life of their own, and like the genie in the bottle, once released they can not be put back inside again!

Who would you rather see in the coffee shop next time you go in for a cup- 6 uniformed cops or a group of anti-social rejects wearing masks looking to bash you over the head for daring to offend them with your normal life?

Unless you said you’d rather see the cops, I have no time for you, but I can recommend a good mental health expert for you.

Shame on Starbucks for allowing these officers to be removed from their store, Shame on the person who made the complaint, and maybe, shame on us for putting up with this nonsense another minute.

If you see a cop, buy them a cup of coffee and say thank you for your service. We owe them that.