Obama loyalist John Brennan better be right particularly about the way he did his day job and conducted himself as Director of the CIA, under Barack Obama. What he says will, or will not be used against him in a court of law when he has his day on the stand – either while under a special prosecutor investigation, Congressional Investigation or federal court. What we are finding out about the way he did his day job, we as a nation would be better in the role he is playing right now as an amateur political pundit, which he is not very good at … as he is more of a vulgar left-wing political hack.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Brennan wrote that Trump’s “use of falsehoods, his mean-spirited and malicious behavior, and his self-absorption” will hurt America for years to come. All of course a personal political opinion of Brennan himself.

In a much necessary response, President Donald Trump lashed out the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on Twitter this week. The Commander-in-Chief, quoted National Rifle Association spokesperson Dan Bongino’s previous appearance on Fox News. From Bongino’s appearance, he stated, “John Brennan, no single figure in American history has done more to discredit the intelligence community than this liar. Not only is he a liar, he’s a liar about being a liar,” Trump quoted Bongino as saying.

As a career senior intelligence officer who has worked across the national U.S. intelligence community and the White House National Security Council Staff, I can emphatically vouch for the comments of Dan Bongino, and those as tweeted by President Trump.

To counter the factual revelations of his character, demeanor and behavior, the former CIA Director published a recent column in The Washington Post vowing to continue to speak out against President Trump, until integrity and decency return to the White House. Of course, he is merely perpetuating his continuous lies and untruthful mischaracterizations of the President. I have mixed feelings about John Brennan’s decision to write an anti-Trump opinion piece for the Washington Post. On the one hand, I desperately want more officials and politicians to come out on the record and speak the truth as they see it about the president’s unsuitability for the office – unfortunately, the tables have been turned, because none of these career officials did so at all with Obama and his deceitful and corrupt meanderings – they became part of it.

Brennan attempts to do this convincingly and without pulling any punches, albeit as long as he has the cart blanch help of the mainstream media, the Democrats, the political-left and of course the Deep State, who Brennan is a critical component and orchestrator of.

As a caveat, John Brennan served on the former president’s 2008 presidential campaign as well as in his White House, prior to becoming the Obama’s CIA Director.

And because of that, here is my concerns. During the years of the Obama administration, I began to both compare and analyze the characteristics and tactics of corrupt, incompetent and narcissistic senior level officials who did whatever they thought was necessary to retain and remain in power. Exploiting the fears and concerns of average Americans, these demagogues routinely relied on lies, deceit, and suppression of political opposition to cast themselves as populist heroes and to mask their self-serving priorities.

By embedding themselves and their operatives and attempting to maintain control of our intelligence and security services and systems, stifling the independence of the judiciary, and discrediting a free press — these authoritarian rulers followed a time-tested recipe for how to inhibit democracy’s development, retard individual freedoms, and liberties, and reserve the spoils of corrupt governance for themselves and their ilk. It still bewilders me that this could actually happen in the United States. It’s quite obvious this is certainly something Obama was up to and implemented.

Equally worse, having a former CIA Director coming down this hard against the president helps bolster the impression that we’re witnessing less of a legitimate law enforcement investigation than a slow-moving Deep State coup. In fact, as I have written about previously at America Out Loud, a “silent and or shadow coup.” That said, there is perhaps a positive aspect to this … I think it ultimately helps Trump in that he can point to examples like Brennan’s commentary and lies as proof that the intelligence agencies are out to get him and want him removed from power.

If I’m irresolute about the impact and effectiveness of Brennan’s reckless comments, I’m more certain that it’s a dangerous precedent. My experience tells me if I witnessed the former head of intelligence of a foreign country railing against the government’s new leader, I’d consider it evidence of politicization or factionalism within their intelligence services with implications for a possible coup. I’m sure that Brennan feels now that since he’s a private citizen he is privileged with the same rights as any other citizen to speak out, and with a righteous and holier-than-thou responsibility to inform us what his unique experience tells him about our present dangers. In his mind, the current situation warrants a political response even if that response hurts the reputation of the intelligence community and the nation for partisan neutrality.

Here the thing, he may think he’s right, most narcissists follow that notion, bolstered by the all of the political-left and Establishment that support him. However, unfortunately, I also know that long after Trump is gone the memory of how the former head of the CIA took such a strong and hostile stand against him will remain. That problem is compounded because Brennan is seen as being personally close to President Obama. Further, there are other former high-ranking intelligence officials like Michael Hayden who are just as harsh but who have better credibility because they are associated with a Republican administration, but of course, there are concerns there too because of the equal ties of the Establishment to the Deep State.

Analytically for the historical record, to be sure, it’s not the President Trump who is blamed for doing any damage to the prestige and reputation of the intelligence community we must do our due diligence on Brennan. I don’t want to see a one-sided fight here. That’s why judging Brennan’s decision to conduct his hit jobs is absolutely necessary. We certainly will continue to do that on all elements of the Deep State. While the Presidents response to those such as Brennan will have limited impact in terms of influencing what eventually happens with Trump, and probably a net-negative one at that — it will have a lasting impact on how the CIA and the intelligence community is perceived, particularly in who, what, when, where, why, and how justice is handed out when this eventually comes to that. No thanks to Brennan, Clapper, Comey, etc.

In hindsight right now, while former directors should certainly be as free as any other citizen to voice their political opinions, they should probably stay out of big stakes politics to the greatest possible degree simply to preserve the reputation of neutrality for the intelligence community. Unfortunately, when these corrupt, incompetent, and narcissistic senior level officials, using the full power and capability of the nation’s intelligence capability for the attempted removal of an lawfully elected sitting president the highest stake are not off the table.

For his own good … John Brennan better be right! But is certainly questionable. Brennan has been an outspoken Trump critic, and continues to push unsubstantiated rumors and claims already disproven by the House Intelligence Committee, speculating that the president could have been or be susceptible to blackmail by Russians. Remember, it was Brennan, a close confidant of Obama’s, who provided the information — what he termed the “basis” for the FBI to start the “counterintelligence investigation” of Donald Trump’s campaign. What caused the Obama administration to begin the investigation continues to come into clearer focus the referenced Congressional hearings on Russian interference in the presidential election.

Brennan’s other mistake was that he offered zero facts, but rather offered up his own biased personalized and politicized assessment of the president’s character when he called out President Trump for lacking ‘integrity and decency’… all driven by the same political hate that the Democrats, political-left and the mainstream media has been sewing since Trump became the Republican nominee. Between being caught in the anti-Trump dossier scandal in February, his role in possibly initiating and orchestrating the FBI to conduct its investigation, and his constant lying, certainly the legal picture is beginning to look to jail time for John Brennan.

Now, new evidence suggests Obama loyalist Brennan drove FBI to begin investigating Trump associates earlier than the summer of 2016 — perhaps in the spring, or early. We will address that concern in my next article on America Out Loud.

Image: John Brennan and President Obama (Pete Souza/The White House)