Professional sports is a business; a very healthy and profitable business. So many Americans make their living by doing some job associated with sports. Players, coaching staff and trainers, sports doctors, advertisers, and all of their employees and all of their secondary vendors who benefit from the sponsors financial gain, concessionaires, promotional products manufacturers and resellers, parking lots, restaurants, cities, television, radio, newspapers and the list goes on of those who in some way profit from professional sports, and college sports.

Insert one guy, Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee, a knee which he did not need to take for six years until an outside influence prompted a change in him. He took a knee to protest what? That America is not fair? That there is racial injustice by police in this country? That premise has been proven to be patently false. The true statistics don’t bear out racial prejudice by police or police brutality to black men. Rather than me go into lengthy statistics, I suggest looking them up in the book The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police, by Dr Ron Martinelli.

My point here is that this man started a “trend” for football players to take a knee during our National Anthem. Here is a guy who has made over 39 million dollars playing a sport, who along with the rest of the knee taking players making scads of money from you and I watching them play, who all have the audacity to diss our flag and our police officers, not one which a football player holds a candle to, and our men in uniform living and dead. These self-centered, narrow minded players have taken income from all of the aforementioned Americans earning their living in support of these rich players. They set themselves apart, not as players but as black players, in a world where they complain that white people discriminate against them as black people. It’s not me that is discriminating here, I see that the reverse is true. To me, they are all players, period.

Football has now fallen below basketball and even below college football in ratings and attendance is dropping and sponsors are worried, and the players still expect all that money they were promised, while damaging the engine that produces that money. We the people who purchase tickets, and shirts and caps and food and support the sponsors are the bosses. We hold the dollars that allows this machine to produce the money for everyone involved. How selfish and foolish of these players to think that we need them and their sport so much that we will forfeit our American ideals and respect for our Flag, our country and our men in uniform just to see them play.

Colin Kaepernick kneeled himself right out of a job. The players are contractually bound to stand and put their hand over their heart for the Anthem and anyone who does differently, needs to be benched and if it continues, be fired. There are many more talented and patriotic players just waiting for the opportunity to get on the field. The hypocrisy of the players in the NFL to take this action, when they have numerous cases of players assaulting women, or others, or weapons violations, animal cruelty, and even murder is ludicrous to me.

The NFL owners and managers who have participated, shame on you. How does it feel to have America losing interest in all of you? You all thought you were Teflon, and found out that we have values that we will not ignore.

I salute the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for giving his players an ultimatum to stand for the Anthem or sit for the game, and Vice President Pence for walking out of the 49ers game.

You wealthy knee taking players aren’t the only ones who can take a stand, and these people are and so are the fans you are losing in droves. All of those people who depend on professional sports prospering to bring their paychecks home to their families; Black families, White families, Hispanic families, families of every color and creed are hurt by the loss of revenue generated by the players who are betraying their fans and those who support their careers so they can take a knee on a FALSE PREMISE of police injustice to black Americans.

Good job guys. You managed to mess things up for a lot of other people who depend on you while you take your millions home. You should all be proud. Now is the time I want to see heroic courage amongst owners and managers. Kudos to the NBA for telling their players to not even think about their knees during the Anthem. Police should refuse to work these events. People should complain to sponsors and pull their buying dollars from them.

Sports and actors of all people should be good examples to America’s children and the world, but their money has taken them so far from the real people and what their responsibility should be, that they use the positions and money WE gave them to disrespect our flag, our officers, our soldiers and our American way of life. Don’t give them your money! Don’t buy their movies, or go their games, make a stand for America.

Here is my humble suggestion to America. If you want a sport where real men, not whiney men, play that is rough and tumble and exciting and where the players respect the flag and are patriotic and talk to the fans and don’t put themselves above anyone, and who honor America, the soldiers, the police, go to the rodeo, go to PBR (Professional Bull Riding) and watch one time and feel the love for our country in that crowd, and you will be hooked.