Fixing the VA System with Donald Trump

Whoever becomes our next President, they will have a monumental challenge ahead: Fixing a broken VA system. The Secretary of Veteran Affairs is only as powerful as the President he or she serves. The next President needs to empower and support the Secretary and commit to real change. Changes to the system, the bureaucracy, and the leadership are imperative to keeping a sacred promise to America’s veterans.

OPSEC Radio host Jamie Williamson, a retired Special Forces Colonel, and cohost Amanda Weir, a barred attorney and Veteran Advocate, discuss fixing the VA, alternative solutions, and veteran advocacy. With 22 veterans a day taking their own lives, the collective power of many voices needs to beard at the highest levels of government in order to effect meaningful change. At a special meeting in Tampa, Florida, Jamie and Amanda both sat down with Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to discuss critical veteran issues facing the VA and all veterans today. Veteran or not, please play a role in this.