The story is out, and everyone knows it. The mysterious ‘FISA memo’ is no longer a secret. Crafted by House Republicans led by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the controversial memo detailed federal surveillance abuses by the highest-ranking officials of the FBI and the DOJ. After much debate, the memo was declassified and released to the public on February 2nd.

The American people immediately had a front row seat at a spectacle that may very well be the very tip of the iceberg of deep-seated corruption at the very highest levels of the federal government.

As the story unwinds and the list of players grows, the plot becomes increasingly complicated and confusing. In its simplest form, the memo revealed the highly improper and likely illegal surveillance of American citizens used by the Department of Justice and the FBI in their investigation of the so-called collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russians. The central charge of the memo was that the FISA warrant, that was needed in order to carry out the surveillance of an American citizen, was acquired through subterfuge and deceit, not only illuminating the flagrant corruption existing at the top of the Washington food chain, but also a serious federal offense.

The memo disclosed how, in 2016, senior officials of the FBI received a 35-page document with the title, “Company Intelligence Report 2016/000”, and marked “Confidential/Sensitive Source”. This document, now popularly known as ‘The Dossier”, was first revealed to the public by BuzzFeed on January 10, 2017.

The document implicated President Donald Trump’s campaign team in an illegal program of collusion with Russia. It claimed that Russia, under the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, had been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting” Trump for five years. Moreover, it stated that the FSB, Russia’s intelligence agency (that replaced the feared KGB), had information it could use to compromise President Trump, including allegations that Putin had acquired damaging opposition research, including taped phone calls and recorded conversations of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to the memo, the FBI and the DOJ were seeking authorization to carry out electronic surveillance on one Carter Page, a volunteer advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and an American citizen. In their applications, they asserted that their principle source of information was the dossier, claiming it was a valid source of intelligence. They neglected to inform the court that the document was not intelligence at all, although it was written by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Steele, who once said he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president,” apparently let his passion lead him and the product of his efforts was, in fact, a work of political fiction, for which he received more than $160,000 from his secret sponsors, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign and the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

The dossier was initially intended to destroy the Trump campaign and then later, when his campaign succeeded, to take down the Trump Presidency. While FBI Director James Comey assured the President that the dossier was “salacious and unverified”, both the FBI and the DOJ nevertheless used it as their primary justification for their applications to the FISA court. The fact that the dossier was a political document, written for and paid for by political organizations with anti-Trump agendas, never came up.

On October 16, 2017, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authorized the FBI and the DOJ to carry out the surveillance on Carter Page. This opened the door to surveillance on an entire network of Americans connected to the Trump campaign, individuals who had no obvious connection to the “Russian collusion” but were included in the surveillance because of their communications with Page. The only ‘proof’ of a ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia was in the totally fabricated ‘dossier’.

On February 2, 2018, Congressman Lee Zeldin tweeted a particularly damning statement regarding the sworn testimony of Andrew McCabe, then-Deputy Director of the FBI: “McCabe did in fact testify under oath that there would not have been a FISA warrant if not for the dossier.”

The Consequences of the Dossier and the Memo

As the days pass and more and more information is either leaked or officially released to the public, it becomes clear that the FBI and the DOJ participated in a fraud against the FISA courts, as well as the American people, who are protected by law against such intrusive surveillance. They misused the FISA court process to promote their own, left-wing political agenda, and they have been found out.

Not only does it show corruption at the highest levels in federal agencies most respected for their trustworthiness, it has shaken the Democrat party leaders to the core by exposing the rotten underbelly of the bureaucratic beast that Washington has become.

Breaking News Implicates Obama

In another twist, a newly found text was discovered among the thousands of texts that were released earlier this year between Peter Strzok, a senior FBI agent who was assigned to the Mueller investigation, and Lisa Page, an FBI attorney and Strzok’s lover. The newly released text reveals that they had been tasked with preparing talking points for Comey, because, as Page wrote, “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” This serves as a smoking gun that directly links then-President Barack Obama to the growing scandal. The depth and breadth of the scandal is now reaching new and damaging proportions. This is no Watergate. This is a scandal that can totally expose the deep state and the real collusion that has corrupted and compromised Washington through and through.

What are the Ramifications of the Unfolding Scandal?

It is too early to know how the dominoes will fall in a story that could have come out of a political thriller. What is known, however, is that as it unfolds, it is a much bigger story than the Watergate scandal that brought down the Nixon presidency in 1974. Watergate was connected to President Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign, when his agents were caught wiretapping phones and stealing documents from the Democratic National Committee office. That scandal was limited to the break-in and the aggressive attempt at cover-up that followed. It implicated only the people closest to the President.

New Book by Ilana Freedman

This scandal that may one day be called the ‘dossier scandal’ seems to involve many of the men and women who sit at the top of the political food chain, leading the most prestigious federal agencies, including the FBI, the DOJ, and by extension, the IRS, the State Department, CIA, and now the White House itself. What President Trump has called “The Swamp” is rapidly exposing its most deeply rooted corruption that disregards the rights of the American people and places power and wealth above the principles of democracy and liberty that made this country great. As President Trump said many times during his campaign, it is high time that we “drain the swamp”.

Ilana’s latest book, “Hamas, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood: The Plot to Destroy Americawas just released by the Center for Security Policy and is available on Amazon.