A revolution in any government must transform (destroy) the existing government in order to gain a foothold and put their regime in office. In order to accomplish that, they will divide the country, turn citizens against each other, use identity politics, social justice, create a lifeless economy, create chaos, riots, crisis after crisis like gas, food and water shortages. They will dumb their populace as they believe that a dumb populace is less demanding on government. They will confiscate property, estates and businesses all in the name of the “common good.” They must create a system of lawlessness. All are on the table at the same time in order to create diversions so the populace will not notice as their rights and freedoms are eroded.  

The goals of globalists (on both sides of the isle) are money, power and control. Simply put, they want it all. They want everything you own to become theirs. They intend to control every form of human activity and consumption. They do this under the guise of “fairness”.   

The technique they use is called the Hegelian Dialectic. This Dialectic is a 3 phase very simple plan that can cause a nation to fail.

  1. A problem must be created – The Border is a perfect example. The invasion of America was created under the globalist regime of Bush 43. Obama expanded the open border and even advertised in So. American countries telling “new Americans” how to game the American system.
  2. Chaos, fear, panic, hysteria causes people to fight each other. The Open  Border crowd vs the Closed border crowd. Lies are used to keep up the confusion. The message is irrelevant. The purpose is to rev up the crowd. Make sure the message keeps all groups hating each other. Marches, protests stir the pot, while the American middle class disintegrates as more pressure is put on existing services by “new refugees” who will not assimilate into American culture because school teaches hate for America in a new global culture. If schools no longer teach America, how will new Americans learn their rights?
  3. Lastly the globalists offer untested, unproven solutions which when implemented do not work and will never work. Then they will say, “if we just had more time, (elect me again) or more money (make the rich pay more). If their solutions were viable, the bureaucrats would be without jobs. They will never let go. 

The American Constitution is standing in the way of the New World Order, The One World Government. Why? Because the Declaration of Independence which goes hand and hand with the Constitution clearly states that” All Men are created equal… Problem:  we can’t be created equal with certain rights because their narrative is inequality and social justice. 

You can’t promote victimhood if all are created equal.  …that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…  Notice also that the creator is not named. Why? Each person has the right to worship the Creator of their choice. How do the globalist/communists get passed G-d given rights? Easy Deny G-d. Teach G-d does not exist. Teach that you are the god of you and everything you say is true for that moment. What about the next moment? The next time this question comes up in conversation and it will as we approach Passover and Easter, you might want to ask, “If there is no G-d, where do our rights come from?”

How do you deny the US Constitution; most important document for all Americans? Easy. Call it a living breathing document subject to constant change. Then don’t teach the Constitution as the Law of the Land, just teach case law. Since each case is different, and the results change for each individual the rule of law can not apply. Perfect fit for identity politics. We see that in motion today with President Trump. 

Trump’s supporters are demonized and lies are used to put them in jail while Hillary’s supporters aka globalists get a get out of jail free card. Eventually the Constitution will evaporate. The Globalists then promote the UN Declaration of Human Rights claiming the Government and UN grants your rights. Once a child learns The UN Declaration, the US Constitution becomes irrelevant. Students will never understand Whatever government grants, government can legislate away.

Why is the elimination of the Pledge so important?

First the pledge is …to the republic for which it stands. OOPS, how can you teach America is a democracy if the pledge calls America a republic?

Then one nation under G-d… How can you pledge to something that doesn’t exist? By slowly eroding American culture, the kids will never fight for something they don’t know they have. Those kids are in our government today.

Globalists got patriots to sign way their liberty for security.

So they will have neither liberty or security. – Patriot Act.

Globalists got Congress to sell out the American citizens without due process in the name of fighting terror while refusing to name the real terrorists – NDAA.

Globalists turned the children on their parents – RTTT national data base for children to report on their parents. 

Globalists came for the Judaeo-Christians by demanding participation in the killing of the unborn – Obamacare, Planned Parenthood.

Globalists constantly attack and censor any opposing viewpoint while constantly calling the opposition racists, homophobic, misogynistic, deplorable or evil and etc. Opposition can not be tolerated for opposition might bring truth. What is at stake? Loss of American sovereignty, loss of American freedom and liberty and elimination of private property. 

Globalists use the environment to control human activity. Ecospirituality is the new religion. Depopulate the planet by claiming there are too many humans means there are too many people to control. Breaking families, LGBTQ, promoting gender politics, abortion, sex bots and downplay of relationships, starvation and wars help to keep the population in check.    

Progressives use phony science of man made global warming designed to control human activity not save the planet. If people are guided into believing they can control the weather/climate, they will not prepare for extreme cold or heat. Crops will fail, less food will create food shortages which will kill people. Big score for depopulation.

Would you be surprised to learn that none of these policies are listed as duties of the government under our constitution? No matter. Globalist Billionaires fund these policies and place “change agents” strategically in clubs, groups, NGO’s and government who lie to keep up their message and constantly nudge conversation until they get the desired responses. Billionaires? Why would they fund anti-American groups? Don’t they care about America? It’s all about the Benjamins.

Billionaires don’t want competition. They want cheap labor. No they don’t care about America, they have plenty of places to live. They want to make the rules. The American constitution is in the way. Free people governing themselves is not an option. They have one purpose and will come together for that purpose: “to emasculate sovereign states, merge nations under universal government, centralize economic powers, and control the world’s people and resources.”

Is America Worth Saving?

Are you a victim or an advocate? You can’t be both.
Will you become a truth warrior and spread the truth? 

We are in a unique time in our history. Americans are seeing, out in the open, the true goals of the globalists. They can hear the lies and compare with the truth. This presents a huge opportunity for us.

To win someone over when talking about President Trump, you must be companionate not an, I told you so, person. Remember Mueller just gave a heavy dose of truth on their fire. Their world is falling apart. Don’t get into the personality weeds, instead make the conversation positive. Talk accomplishments. 

The DNC in Florida is dedicated to find a million more voters to register according to Mayor Gillum. What are you doing? You can’t win if you don’t play the game.

Listen and Read America Out Loud (https://americaoutloud.com/) and learn. Join the FloridaCitizensAlliance.com and Act.

Donate to people, candidates, to issues not parties.

Then they came for the Americans and there was NO ONE left to help.

“We in America do not have government by the majority-we have a government by the majority who participate… All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Thomas Jefferson

UNITED WE STAND!!! Divided we fail.