I, IQ al Rassooli – an Iraqi in exile in Europe – who is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but a very interested outsider looking in at the disintegration and degradation of Civility, Discourse and Rationality among Americans with a very heavy heart and extreme foreboding.

Why so?

Because contrary to all the adverse propaganda by all the enemies of the USA both within and without, the USA is so EXCEPTIONAL that Western Civilization and world stability rest on her shoulders as they have been since WWI.

Had I been an American citizen, I would have most assuredly become a Constitutionalist; a believer in self-reliance and self-responsibility; one who insists that Charity begins at Home before it is given to others.

Based entirely on the historical records – history being the most important teacher, ever – I would elect a political leader who also plans a strong military; who believes in “Talk softly, BUT carry a Big Stick” meaning, be powerful without being aggressive because your Big Stick speaks volumes to any would be aggressor.

No matter in which country I reside, I support secure and impenetrable borders allowing only legitimate people to come in because no country is ever Sovereign without recognised and defended borders.

Hence, based on all the above and more to follow:

I Accuse the Democrats, the Fake Media, the Leftists/ Liberals, ALL the Democrat contenders for the Presidency and their supporters of First Degree Treason for the following reasons that they advocate:

  1. They ALL have no problem having Open Borders to anyone attempting to reside in the USA – even obviously terrorists since there is no one to check their credentials – thus utterly undermining the security of all Americans as well as the sanctity of Legal Immigration.
  2. They are thus burdening ALL hard working Americans – and their future generations – to subsidise these illegals with the hundreds of billions of dollars (from their hard earned Taxes) to subsidize, feed, educate and shelter them for at least two decades.
  3. While the Democrats insist on background checks on Americans to buy weapons (Second amendment), they have absolutely not an iota of worry giving illegals driving licences and voting rights. Such hypocrisy and lack of both decency and morality are beneath contempt and or comprehension.
  4. These illegals will add to the already great burden of legal Americans attempting to buy homes, competing for schools and the health services as well as jobs.
  5. The Democrats – who were elected to legislate but wasted three years attempting but failed to Impeach President Trump – have absolutely no inhibitions in overturning every single one of Trump’s inordinately successful executive orders NOT because any of them is wrong but ONLY to spite the man.
  6. Before Trump was elected, almost ALL the opposing Media, Academia, so called Economic ‘experts’ and Politicians warned the American people of economic collapse; warmongering foreign adventurism; civil war; degraded Presidency and more YET the exact opposites occurred.
  7. The best booming economy in decades.
  8. The most staggering Employment figures in 50 years and increasing (the lowest Unemployment in 50 years).
  9. A booming house market.
  10. The USA is Oil & Gas self-sufficient and no country can put a choke hold on her.
  11. Although for over three years ALL his opponents have been trying to discredit and or remove Trump from office, they have ALL failed miserably because they keep underestimating him.
  12. Having miserably lost the Russia Collusion they have recently and shamelessly switched to the even less substantial Ukraine ‘bribery’ accusation.
  13. I wonder under what kind of slimy rocks all of them were hiding (and even now) when Joe Biden publicly and barefacedly boasted that he threatened and ultimately forced the removal of a Ukrainian corruption investigative prosecutor otherwise US military aid worth one billion dollars would not be given to them. Why was Joe not prosecuted then and WHY are they ignoring it now that it is in the public arena?
  14. These are the same clueless and treasonous opponents of Trump who shed more tears over an Iranian terrorist mass murderer than cared over him causing the death of over 600 US personnel and tens of thousands of others all over the world.
  15. These are the same criminals who would rather limit USA military defence against the rogues of Iran than allow the President as Commander in Chief to respond to aggression whenever he can, thus endangering Americans just to spite Trump.

The above, are only the tip of many more that I can share with Americans but more important of all are the forthcoming unbelievable results of the elimination of Qasem Soleimani:

  1. I cannot emphasise how historic was and will be the fact that, President Trump dared to have the 2nd most powerful terrorist among the Mullah Theocracy terminated. This has caused a collapse in the aggressive psychology of the Iranian leaders.
  2. The aura of invincibility that Soleimani and the Mullahs were riding for over 40 years has disappeared like a puff of smoke giving backbone to the enemies of the Mullahs regime both within and without to take heart.
  3. They ‘retaliated’ against the USA with minimal damage and no loss of life because they got the crystal clear message from Trump: You are ALL next.
  4. The shooting down of the Ukrainian jet was not only due to incompetence but most definitely because these leaders were truly unnerved by the President’s incredibly bold but fully justified action against an enemy combatant target.
  5. To cover up their disastrous deed, they kept on lying until they could not anymore thus they stupidly undermined their veracity not only internationally but also among the oppressed but not stupid Iranian people.
  6. All the enemies of the regime now know that Trump is most definitely NOT Obama especially since Trump is addressing them in English and Farsi that the USA will stand by them BUT it is up to them to overthrow the regime.
  7. Most of the news emanating from Iran show that the students are rising up against their corrupt leaders. Most Americans –especially the ill or under-educated millennials – do not know that it was the students who actually helped the over throw of the Shah in 1979.
  8. Unlike under the Shah who refused to slaughter the students in 1979, the Mullahs of 2020 will continue doing so unless Trump makes sure, that ALL other democracies join in not just condemning the regime, but adding more sanctions and threats of their own.
  9. Because of the increased boldness by the enemies of the Mullahs, several Iraqi leaders who support them were terminated recently by other Iraqis.
  10. Because anti Mullahs have been energised by Trump’s action, tens of thousands of people in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran want all Iranian influences terminated as soon as possible and they are willing to demonstrate even at the cost of their lives.
  11. Just recently, the Iranian female medallist in Taekwondo defected to the West thus representing what true feminism is unlike the hypocrite and spineless females in the West.
  12. I predict that the days of the Mullahs of Iran are numbered as long as Trump is at the helm squeezing them to death economically, politically, militarily and psychologically.
  13. When the Mullahs regime falls down, the whole of the Middle East will most definitely benefit enormously. The spectre of a Nuclear Iran will disappear immediately making the possibility of a regional economic agreement for the good of all to occur. All will be thanks to Trump’s willingness NOT to follow in the failed footsteps of his predecessors. He must have learned the following from Einstein’s saying:

“The sign of insanity is, when one keeps repeating the same failed experiment expecting a different result”

The world will most definitely owe Donald J. Trump a Nobel Peace prize, while the names of ALL his opponents will end up in the trash can of history.