Do you love yourself, just as you are right now?…

And no, I don’t mean will you love yourself once you’ve lost a few pounds, or once you’ve grown out that haircut that you don’t really like… I mean RIGHT NOW, exactly as you are? So many of us don’t really achieve self-love, and I think that’s such a shame because we are all worthy of it.

Our body image is warped by so many factors; from modern foes such as Photoshop and Instagram, to the old classics like sideways comments from peers and even our own parents.

“Are you really going outside dressed like that?”

“Should you really be wearing a short skirt?”

And so on…

These early experiences are usually where it begins, although it’s not all based on real experience. A lot of what we see when we look in the mirror is our perception. And there is quite a difference between objective reality and our individual perception.

Whatever we see (in the mirror, or in photographs) gets run through the programming in our brain. Typically, we focus on what we don’t like about our appearance. The ‘voices’ in our head tell us what’s ‘wrong’ with what we are looking at.

So I want to talk about that voice, because it sounds human, it sounds powerful – but you know what? It’s not that ‘real’. That nasty little voice that criticizes you in the mirror, that tells you to stay small and safe, is simply an amalgamation of your memories (parents and peers), and a few fears mixed in too.

In a nutshell, that ‘voice’ is your neurological programming. The great news here is that programmed beliefs can be worked on and re-programmed, and replaced with more positive thoughts. You can fire the old voice!

Let’s face it, if you managed a team of people and one of them only ever had negative things to say and constantly put the rest of the team down, you would fire that person, wouldn’t you? So what’s the difference? It’s time to fire the bad team member in your head!

Now the brain takes a little while to be retrained. It might take several months of showing that voice the exit every day. But eventually, you can hire a new one, a voice that says, “you got this, girl”.

It just takes some persistence and the right support.

So how about this – I’ve got a 14-day program for you! A perfect way to stay motivated through the tough bits and get your positive body image sorted.

The Body Positive Files is all about reviewing your actual thoughts and beliefs on your physical appearance.

  • How do they affect your life quality and what is reality vs. a possibly distorted self-image?
  • How does it affect you on a daily basis and what can you do about it?
  • It includes steps towards a much deeper understanding of why and how we come to hate our bodies so much and the shift needed to live with way more self-love.

So, it basically comes down to one question…

Would it make your life better if you loved your body more?

My answer is HELL YES♥

Join me HERE – we’ll kick off in October!!

Helene Philipsen is a Life Transformation Specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works with women worldwide who are passionate about nourishing their body, mind and soul - but struggling to find the right path. Helene’s expertise personally and professionally lies within life transformation, her core specialty being Freedom from Emotional Eating. Her educational background is in psychology, Recovery and Life Coaching. She has committed her life to helping others because she wants you to know, that living lovingly and confidently inside a healthy body – is possible for anyone