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Fire and Fury Consumes Media Oxygen – More FAKE NEWS or IS THIS THE REAL DEAL? So the White House gremlins invite the original WOLFF in to snoop around. The Wolff has access to all the pickings from the cast of this live living soap opera. One of the pack leaders, a guy by the name of STEVE BANNON – perhaps you’ve heard of him – decides to pig out with the Wolff and then the Wolff leaves the pack to tell the world. Do we have that all straight now? You will just have to listen to this one as Colonel Jim Waurishuk and Malcolm leave no stone unturned in a quest for the out loud truth!


Time to Investigate the Investigators – Must Sessions step down as AG? Rep Chris Stewart, member of the house intelligence committee joined the growing list of of Repubs for Sessions to resign. He is being called honorable and of course everyone says they like him – how does that go again – nice guys finish last ?? Manafort is suing to narrow the scope of investigation. The Mueller investigation is delving into things not related to Russia hacking the USA Presidential election. What gives? Is it time to tighten the screws on Special Counsel Mueller and his Investigation? A Clinton Legacy of Orange – Hillary Clinton is back in the news – like she ever left! The DoJ is revving up the investigation on the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton. Does she pay the ultimate price for all these questionable activities? The panel has a most interesting discussion – not everyone agrees – go figure.

Col Jim Waurishuk is retired from USAF, he is a career senior intelligence and political-military affairs officer. He served as Deputy Director for Intelligence for U.S. Central Command and has worked on the White House National Security Council.

Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality. Ava is an author who writes about the everyday men and women with a focus on Patriotism. 

George McClellan is a conservative political commentator, a weekly columnist on America Out Loud. His professional career spans 43 years in Law Enforcement and the US Naval Investigative Service has given him a world view of what ails us.


Malcolm Out Loud is the Visionary behind America Out Loud. Host of Viewpoint This Sunday; and the daily show, Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure; and The Brink of Greatness. A dynamic radio personality, who is thought-provoking, introspective, and often a champion for those overlooked in our society—like veterans, law enforcement officers, and good citizens doing their best to contribute to society in a positive way. What makes him different than any other radio host—it’s his straightforward approach to difficult subjects. Whether it’s politics or breaking news, or a long unnoticed issue in our lives—Malcolm is open-minded, sincere, and unafraid to speak the Out Loud Truth. If you’re looking for something different than people yelling over one another—and something that examines an issue or event in an authentic, reasonable manner—then he is your man. Never boring, he’s candid and sincere—and will often make you think deeply about topics that have been kicked around for years. To get to the Out Loud Truth, tune in and listen!