Finding The Surface

I scratched the rock with another,
knowing it would soon be washed away in the soft rain on the mountainside.
I remember feeling satisfied with the notion. Proud even.
I climbed the side of this mountain until this point.
I felt drawn to this spot at this time.
I felt inspired to embellish on the beautiful scene and capture my moment.
I felt… and that’s all that I can ask, surely.
But, no… It’s never quite that simple, is it?
How strong is the desire to be remembered?
I do it every day it seems, in subconscious or intentional ways.
My actions or non-actions, words or expressions, affect my surroundings.
I can have the best intentions for a certain outcome,
and change that with an ‘off’ tone or a misread look.
I can feel impassioned about my thoughts and champion my voice to be heard.
Or, I can sit back quietly and listen,
allowing someone else the opportunity to find their moment.
Both of which, leave an impression.
I’ve come to a comfortable place with this.
Regardless of how slow or fast I drive on my road, it’s still My road.
Which means, I Was Here.

Photo location Gap Of Dunloe, Killarney, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Finding The Surface”