Finding Your Purpose In The Stars

There may be more to your bad moods than just waking up on the wrong side of the bed. According to Sky Setara full moons, retrogrades and other astrological happenings can greatly affect not just your mood but your physical body and even electronics.

Many people notice, especially those in the medical field, that more bad things seem to happen when there is a full moon. Jessica Zavala a life coach and intuitive and Sky Setara who studies astrology and does astrology readings, discuss astrology and how it affects us.

It’s not just bad moods that can occur when full moons, retrogrades and other astrological events happen but even divorces, deaths, and even electronics can go haywire. One of the big takeaways you’ll learn is how when you get an astrology reading you can learn what your purpose is here on earth. Everything about you is written in the stars so to speak, because a reading tells everything about a person and can help you understand events in your life and why you are the way you are. You’ll find this show most intriguing, and I’m certain you will learn things you’ve never thought of before.

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