These words are some of the most threatening concepts to human beings right now. It is not necessarily the Coronavirus that has menacing effects, but our reaction to it as global citizens. Now more than ever we are all so aware of how interconnected we are, and how we all can contribute to the collective or collapse into our fear.

Something I’d like you to consider is….

What if things are working out in a way our limited brains cannot comprehend?

Nature has a way of pressing the reset button from time to time. Not to be a jerk, but to balance imbalances. From my vantage point, there truly is an intelligence I will never understand working in ways that might not always look benevolent. Nature is a fierce, intelligent, alive, force, and we are part of Nature. We forget, in these modern noisy times, how we are part of this powerful yet delicate ecosystem we call Earth. 

Things have become so busy and crowded. It is, in a way, amusing to me the mandates to stay home and shut down crowded spaces to stop the spread of a very contagious virus yes, but also stop the spread of another contagious habit: Busyness. 

What is Possible from this Global Sick Day?

We have been forced by an invisible to the naked eye virus into an extended global sick day.

And what do people do on sick days?

Slow down.

Are you slowing down?

Or is your mind racing too fast with worry and fear of the unknown to take part in this invitation from Nature to pause, and reset?

Either way it is happening, it is happening now. So what do you want to do? Who do you want to be during this time?

Here are some tips I came up with while watching the news, reading posts, working with clients, and tuning into my own intuition during meditation. 

  1. Change your Energy

What you focus on expands, and there is a lot expanding in the media right now. The media focuses on threats and death tolls and leaves out the growth and breakthroughs occurring simultaneously. The air quality, water quality, and several other positive consequences have already occurred in stark contrast to the upheaval of Covid-19.

One of the only areas you can control right now is the space between your ears, yes your thoughts. Thoughts do not have to have you, you have thoughts, so you can manage them and re-direct them.

Take responsible precautions, be smart, stay aware, but don’t let your mind run amuck with a million thoughts of “what if…this… and what if that.”

What ifs create leaks in your energy and power. When you let your thoughts have you, you let them rob your energy you could be using to reset or create something. Fearful thoughts rob you of your – in this moment. Fearful thoughts force you to react emotionally to things that might never happen. The emotional energy is energy you could use for being present with your family, doing a hobby you never had time for, cleaning or organizing your space, exercising, so many things! Take your energy back now and plug into your power to manage your thoughts.

In Andean shamanism, they say, “You are either contributing to the collective dream or the collective nightmare.”

2. Choose Curiosity Over Worry

My FAVOURITE mental management tool: Turning worry thoughts into curiosity. Curiosity and wonder allow us to access possibilities during uncertainty. 

Either way the unknown is unknown, right?

“I wonder what will happen?”

“I wonder how nature is working to rebalance so we can ALL live.”

“I wonder how we have to change as a society to really align with Nature and honour co-existing with one another and the planet?”

I wonder….

I wonder….

Your turn.

What is possible for my own life?

What am I aware of when I let all the noise fade? What is my true self trying to tell me? Perhaps use a pen and paper to answer this.

You have time! 

Instead of what if…I lose all my money and die a painful death.

I wonder what….

You can choose.

3. Presence 

What is really going on?

We only know what is right in front of us. Focus on what is in front of you. Enter into a state of extreme presence. 

Manage the mental interpretations of realities that have not even happened.

Pray or Meditate.

Make a Gratitude list, and include your family in the activity if you like.


Don’t scurry off into worryland, no good things happen there.

Be here in the middle of the unknown and stop fighting and controlling.

Take a deep breath.

You are alive, you are good, it will all work out in ways we all cannot see yet.

“I don’t know how all of this will work out…..YET” is a great phrase to practice bringing your mind back to Presence.

4. Move you Body!

Walk or move or dance to a video. Play with your pet or kids or friends. Don’t wallow and fret in front of a screen 24/7. MOVE. For at least 20 min a day. This will also bring you back into your body while balancing your inner chemistry to be primed for more generative thoughts and higher levels of resilience.

Note:  Please do not misunderstand this article as disrespectful to those who have been infected, or have been seriously affected by COVID-19. I am writing for everyone else adjusting and navigating fear and the unknown.