Terrorism strikes New York City; the culture war takes a toll on the NFL; and the pendulum swings at both political parties. VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY takes on the top news events of the week with detail analysis, expert advice and panel discussions.

Terrorism in NYC – Could we have prevented the terror attack last week in NYC? Are we at war? Do we classify an ACT of TERRORISM as an act of war? Many of these individuals have become radicalized–this guy supposedly was radicalized online while living in USA. How big of a problem is the internet and what can we do about it? Dr James Mitchell, Col Jim Waurishuk

America’s Culture War – What is the NFL kneeling really all about? Do open attacks on traditional values–flag, anthem and Constitutional values have a place in paid entertainment venues? Does rewriting of history have a role in society, does it reduce or add to our heritage? Dr Ron Martinelli, Barbara McGee

Will Trump FIRE Robert Mueller? – This President came into office with gray clouds and a storm brewing in one of the most divisive and unusual election campaigns in history. Is it possible that the Trump Campaign did collude with Russia? Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos all made the news from Robert Mueller’s special counsel office – and none of it was good news for Trump – or was it? George McClellan, Shawna Vercher, Ava Armstrong


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