It’s time for seismic change in the U.S. Senate. Accused of sexual harassment, John Conyers hired an attorney and threatened to take down others within the senate if he’s pushed too far. Exactly what is the definition of too far?

Conyers has been reportedly meeting people in his office wearing underwear. Melanie Sloan, a lawyer who worked with Conyers on the House Judiciary Committee, said she was called up to the long-serving congressman’s office to discuss an issue only to find him “walking around in his underwear.” Sloan is the third woman to accuse Conyers of inappropriate behavior. “It made me increasingly anxious and depressed about going to work every day,” she said, adding that “there was no way to fix it.” (quoted from Fox News article).

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota refuses to resign, even though he has openly admitted several allegations were true. Now Franken is back-peddling saying he doesn’t remember some of the events with his victims. There’s photographic evidence from several of them, and it’s not photoshopped. It’s real. Now the left is giving Franken a pass because he has apologized for being a crude jerk. No—Franken is a dangerous narcissist who thinks he’s funny. His whole career has been based on denigrating women. Franken needs to step down. A sitting senator hasn’t been removed since 1862—but, I say it’s high time we break that long record. Franken can be the first since 1862.

We’ve learned about a 17 million dollar ‘hush fund’ used to pay off victims. Some employees who’ve been harassed are kept on the books and paid a salary, even though they’re no longer working.

Meanwhile, where’s the Senate Ethics Committee in all of this? Or, can we even trust the Senate Ethics Committee? The Committee is made up of three democrat senators and three republicans and they couldn’t convict Menendez.

Even more important, where are all those feminists wearing vagina costumes? Why aren’t they dusting those pink hats off and marching on the steps of Congress, demanding Al Franken step down? I thought these marching women were the ones who were against this stuff. Well—I’m waiting to hear them speak out; but hearing crickets right now. Maybe it’s okay if Progressive-Liberal men are disgusting pigs.

Well, here’s my opinion—like it or not—I’m putting it out here.

The time has come for the U.S. Congress to make the payments out of this ‘Hush Fund’ public.

Those accused can either step down if they are, in fact, guilty as charged. (Especially if photographic evidence exists.)

If payment was made from the secret fund to victims, one can only assume something inappropriate happened. I’m all for law and order, innocent until proven guilty. However, if charges are made and a victim paid off—what does that tell us?

I’m sure there are some in the U.S. Congress who are ashamed of this secretive sexual harassment behavior and do not participate in it. However, they knew about the fund and never railed against it, or even whispered a word about it to us, the people who employ them. Even worse, female senators sat there and never said a word.

These congressmen and women work for us, the voters. WE employ them. WE pay them.

I’m calling upon the American public to hold them accountable!

A seismic change is coming to the United States Senate, and I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

As Edmund Burke said more than 100 years ago: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

Evil must not triumph. The USA deserves better than this.

  1. If Congress needs a ‘slush fund’ they can fund it out of their own salaries or buy insurance that protects them from false allegations when they need to go to court.
  2. All sexual harassment allegations need to be made public and tried in a court of law.
  3. Congressmen and women are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
  4. EEOC law states that those aware of sexual harassment but do not report are considered complicit. You didn’t know that? Read the law.

Meanwhile, while this circus takes place in Congress, there’s 437 billion dollars in wasteful spending due to government inefficiencies that needs to be trimmed. Meanwhile, a government shutdown looms in the very near future. Meanwhile, there are 300 bills that have been passed by the House of Representatives and they’re sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk. The Senate needs to get to work, support President Trump’s agenda to make America great again.

Congress needs to get the hell out of the Dark Ages and start being held accountable for their actions. Yes, upheaval of great magnitude is exactly what we need right now in the U.S. Congress.

Independent author, Ava Armstrong, writes thrillers and romance – yes, she dares to combine the two; such a renegade! After more than a decade in corporate America with a four-billion dollar company, Armstrong decided to focus on her true love: writing literature that could be read by the average human being. Ava describes herself as a Constitutional Conservative, and sleeps with a loaded Smith and Wesson revolver. She has one child, whom she loves, and her collection of firearms, which she loves slightly less, and a special affinity for Glocks and tactical shotguns. Her favorite things are the smell of molten metal at the shooting range, motor oil that drips from vintage 1940's Indian motorcycles, and the scent of sandalwood soap. You'd have to read her novels to understand that more deeply. Who are the heroes in Ava's novels? Everyday men and women who do extraordinary things. Veterans, policemen, farmers, hard-working middle-class folks, all striving and struggling to make the world a better place. From homeless vets to women living quiet lives of desperation, Armstrong transports readers to a small town, writing complex characters and stories that often stir strong emotion.