“Feel The Fear” And Do It Anyway

Age is just a number, or is it? Some people feel that you live your best years when you reach 50 and beyond while others feel like your life is over at 50. How each person deals with getting older is largely dependent on your mindset and is what we talk about on this week’s show…

Attitude is everything as the saying goes, and nothing could be truer when it comes to aging. We should learn to live WITH fear- not give into it. It’s when we “feel the fear” and do it anyway, that we really start living. We are never going to accomplish our goals and live our true passion until we face our fears and push through the discomfort. When we push through our fears it’s then that we realize they’re not so big after all.

Health is another issue that needs to be addressed especially as we age because we can’t have a full life living our passion if we are sick all the time. There’s some golden nuggets of wisdom in this show you don’t want to miss. Learn how to age with grace, peace and joy!