There is a close up facial photo of Democrat House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, scowling in hatred during President Trumps great speech on restoring America. There she sat, dressed in her mourning cloths contemplating the future realizing it does not include the Democrat party, its Marxist philosophy or her, in any role of greatness. She knows she will never be Speaker again.

Her face does not convey confidence, determination or joy. It was the face of “fear,” cold, abject, inescapable fear. How could she lead the party of victimization into the future against the economic success that started soaring the day after Trumps election? Pelosi’s Democrats rejected everything Trump said and even booed a couple of times. They are surly a low class party. How can they compete? Trumps speech was for all Americans outlining the American values he cherishes, even a reverence for God, that will Make America Great Again.”

He illustrated America’s greatness with the American hero guests he introduced, not one of them a “victim” in the Democrat sense of what an American should be, someone who cannot exist without governments helping hand. He presented a pathway forward to achieve the reforms needed for success involving all Americans. How can Democrats compete with a message like that? It scared the hell out of those Democrats we saw slinking in their seats in the House Chamber and, it was fear we saw on Nancy Pelosi’s face.

The SOTU was delivered, and its gone, but the unnerved Democratic leaders now face the dreaded “Memo” going all out to destroy the messenger, the message, its sources, its truthfulness and its importance so Americans will not see or understand, the true evil face of the Democrat Party, realize its corrupting influence on Government and its illegal actions against Conservative Americans.

Trump didn’t leave out the Democrats. When he spoke about achieving positive, bipartisan goals, more fear appeared on Nancy Pelosi’s face. Trumps happy optimism smothered the Democrats’ doom and gloom, not helped by the DNC’s spokesman Congressman Joe Kennedy III, when all he could do, was visibly remind some people of the Kennedy legacy of Chapaquidick, while rehashing the ever present problem of illegal intruders as victims.

Trump can claim credit for the rising stock market, record-low unemployment numbers, the large corporations bringing their money home, the bonus’s and raises being paid out, the low Black and Hispanic employment rates, the investments and Americas rising prosperity. How do Democrats counter that? With Increased regulations, higher taxes, unaffordable healthcare, expensive drugs? When Trump mentioned the low unemployment rates for Blacks and Hispanics, why did the Black and Hispanic legislatures flee the chamber? Fear! They can’t take it any more.

Democratic hostility permeated the air, especially when Trump offered up a path to citizenship for over a million dreamers. Hatred is a strong force and the Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to even accept this proposal for dreamers because it was Trumps. President Trump then said that “Americans are dreamers too” and the Left went berserk.

After one year, crude as he might be, Trump has shown his fighting spirit to Make America Great Again. If we are not actually Marxists, why should we get in his way?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

George G. McClellan, a California native, was a Regular Army veteran and served a tour in post war Korea. His post army professional career covered 43 years in law enforcement including the California Highway Patrol and the US Naval Investigative Service (NCIS), among others. With the latter, he became a world traveler visiting and working in many countries from the Philippine Islands to the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle-East, Bosnia, all of Europe, Russia and India. He retired from the NIS at Naval Air Station, Atlanta, Ga. and has remained in the north Georgia area since 1990 as a co-owner of a Security Consulting company. He earned a Certified Protectional Professional (CPP) certification from the American Society for Industrial Security, as well as a Fraud Examiner certification (CFE). He has published a historical biography on a namesake, a member of the John Jacob Astor Fur Company who explored a route west, and back, after Lewis and Clark. Early American history, Celtic influence on America and conservative politics, remain his greatest interests. He is also a bagpiper since 1975. He and his wife since 1965 now resides in Gilmer County, Ga.