The answer to the riddle is TRUMP BASHING. One is ludicrous, unintelligent and in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other is treasonous, unintelligent, and possibly illegal.

As for the Grammy Awards, I don’t watch. My daughter in law turned it on and for the few moments it was on I saw the reading of the book Fire and Fury with Hillary’s spectacular appearance and the applause meter off the charts.

I saw every one of the people bash President Trump for the few moments it was on and I just refuse to sit there while these arrogant, ill-informed prima donnas criticize our President. So I went to bed and read an intelligent book.

It astounds me that after this last year, where Trump’s accomplishments for Americans has been nothing short of amazing, that the vitriol is still there from these Hollywood types, who know nothing of the everyday American people and their lives. These self righteous people who spew hatred to women and police in their songs, have the nerve to stand up and shed tears for the #me too group. While those police that they despise are protecting their vain behinds.

The hypocrisy is like a tidal wave that I can’t swim out of. The insult that Americans should take at this group of people should be powerful. I stopped watching them a year ago, haven’t been to a movie, or watched even one on television.

And Hillary, please go away. You are old news, we did not choose you, thankfully so. You still think we were all wrong, but we were not. Things are better in the last year: the economy is better, jobs are better, international relations are better and the enemy is losing for a change.

Why people in the entertainment industry think that we Americans want to hear them and their bias, and their ill-informed opinions, I do not know. We don’t. Just sing or act or dance and we will all enjoy your talent; but when you speak, all is lost for me.

Then we have our FBI; the greatest investigative group on earth. The untouchables. What happened? Corruption, power, money and bias. We were able to be done with Andrew McCabe this week, but why are Strzok and Page still employed?

What infraction or crime does it take to get these people fired as they should be? This is an insult to the hard working ethical, patriotic FBI employees. The bad apples at the top need to be gone. They tried to play a dangerous game and subvert the will of the American people, and the rule of law. Comey is out, McCabe is out, and these two also need to be out. We do need that swamp drained and let the good people rise back to the top and bring this great agency back to its non-political roots of doing the work to keep America safe.

We will find out the depths of the FISA abuses by the Obama administration this week. More may be prosecuted or fired. We cannot allow the disease in the agency to affect those that are trying to do right by America. Let’s clean it up and get to a better place in this country. People have allowed power to take over their sense of right and wrong and they put themselves above all of us. We are not stupid, and we know how to vote. We don’t want fixed scenarios in our government and there have been a lot. It is our right to decide our president and we take it seriously. No one has the right to subvert that decision that America made on Election Day.

Be strong America, and know that we the people have the power to change these things by using our voices and our votes. Turn off the haters in the acting world and the singing world and the sports world and the political world and believe in the things you know to be true in your heart. Common sense is the order of the day.