The SYSTEM Let Them Down – SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING and then what? Florida Governor Rick Scott calls for FBI Director Wray to resign. A systematic failure results in an unspeakable massacre and a collapse of public trust – now what? His mother repeatedly called police to their home due to his violent outbursts, threats. As recent as Sept 2016 incident reports describe the killer as suffering from mental illness and emotionally handicapped and on medication. More than 30 reports back to 2011 to last year. YET THIS KILLER WAS STILL ABLE TO PASS THE NATION’S BACKGROUND CHECK TO OBTAIN AN AR-15 SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLE THAT HE USED TO MURDER 17 INNOCENT SOULS!! Dr Ron Martinelli has a background in investigations, forensics, psychological profiling; and human factors; violent crimes and death scene investigations. George McClellan’s professional career spans 43 years in Law Enforcement and DrBev Jackson, Psychotherapist, with twenty plus years counseling experience.

Immigration Plan to Nowhere – Senate debate on Immigration goes nowhere! Party leader Schumer digs in heels and won’t discuss options. Another Congressional failure? Is this the strategy for Democrats going forward–to use for the mid-term election? 80% of Americans want merit-based immigration: End chain immigration 70%; End lottery 81%; Support DACA 80%; Build Wall 54%. We will talk numbers and take a look at the ideology behind all of this. Immigration Laws have been ignored for the last many decades. Lawlessness is this the new normal in America? Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC…. and Jennifer Breedon, President of Breedon Law International, legal consulting, international policies, and Rule of Law.

Russian Bingo Anyone? – Thirteen Russians, including a businessman close to Putin, were charged in a plot to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election through social media propaganda. Where does this leave Special Counsel Mueller in the big picture of the investigation? Oprah says she’s waiting to hear from God about running for President; will the women on The View say she’s mentally ill? The President tweeted that “Neighbors and classmates knew the killer was a big problem” and that, in such cases, people “Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!” Several students at the school were livid, with some angirly responding to the president with tweets of their own. “How is this our fault?” one student said on Twitter. Is this the right forum for Trump to communicate such sensitive messaging? Dennis Santiago is a Global Risk and Financial Analyst. Jennifer Breedon, President of Breedon Law International and Ava Armstrong is a political commentator and an author who writes about the everyday men and women with a focus on Patriotism.