Fake news and the relentless attacks on President Trump and his Presidency have centered around media pronouncements that he is an incapable, untruthful, and had been painted with a broad brush as a racist and a liar. These characterizations attracted the attention of Zak Maymin PhD. He legally emigrated from Russia in 1980, as a Mathematician. He has written several Books to address the subject of how to logically assess what is a Lie and what is not.

Book: Is Trump a Liar?: Or is it Fake News? Little Red Riding Hood Test (Defending Against Propaganda)

Dr. Maymin has been studying the issue of truth and lies for many years. His novel concepts of M-Theory, turn the confusion of what we are hearing into a logical understanding of how the average person, learns, thinks and decides whether what one hears is fake news or truth. He uses, what he refers to as “The Little Red Riding Hood Test” to begin to examine the information as Truth or Fake.

In this Podcast we’ll find answers to the following questions: How do we determine fake from truth? What prosecutorial angle was used in the Mueller report? Does Trump use the Little Red Riding Hood Test? What was it like growing up in Russia? Where is America headed? Is this Deja Vu all over again?

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